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Indian Mountain Map

Indian Mountain Map PDF read online or download for free from the official website link given at the bottom of this article.

Indian Mountain Map PDF showing the Geographical Locations of India such as Rivers, Mountain Ranges, Mountain Peaks, State boundaries, State names, etc. India is the seventh-largest country in the world in terms of area. It lies on the Indian Plate, which is the northern portion of the Indo-Australian Plate. Indian Mountain HD Map PDF can help to identify the mountains.

The mainland of India extends between 8°4′ and 37°6′ N latitude and 68°7′ and 97°25′ E longitude. The Tropic of Cancer 23°30′ N divides India into almost two halves. The total length of the coastline is 7,517-kilometers. The Indian peninsula tapers southwards resulting in the division of the Indian Ocean into two water bodies – the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. In India, there is a great diversity of landforms such as lofty mountains, deep valleys, extensive plains, Plateau and coastal ghats, the desert, and a number of islands.

India Mountains Name List  | India Top Mountains List

MountainHeight (M)RangeState Name
Kangchenjunga8586Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Nanda Devi7816Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Kamet7756Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Saltoro Kangri/K107742Saltoro KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Saser Kangri I/K227672Saser KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Mamostong Kangri7516Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Saser Kangri II E7513Saser KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Saser Kangri III7495Saser KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Teram Kangri I7462Siachen KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Jongsong Peak7462Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
K127428Saltoro KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Kabru N7412Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Ghent Kangri7401Saltoro KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Rimo I7385Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Teram Kangri III7382Siachen KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Kirat Chuli7362Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Mana7272Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Apsarasas Kangri7245Siachen KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Mukut Parbat7242Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Rimo III7233Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Singhi Kangri7202Siachen KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Hardeol7161Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Chaukhamba I/Badrinath7138Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Nun-Kun7135Zanskar HimalayaJammu and Kashmir
Pauhunri7128Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Pathibhara/The Pyramid7123Kangchenjunga HimalayaSikkim
Trisul I7120Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Satopanth7075Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Tirsuli7074Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Chong Kumdang Ri7071Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Dunagiri7066Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Kangto7060Assam HimalayaArunachal Pradesh
Nyegyi Kansang7047Assam HimalayaArunachal Pradesh
Padmanabh7030Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Shudu Tsempa7024Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Chamshen Kangri/Tughmo Zarpo7017Saser KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Aq Tash7016Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Chong Kumdang Ri II7004Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Rishi Pahar6992Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Thalay Sagar6984Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Mt. Lakshmi6983Rimo KarakoramJammu and Kashmir
Kedarnath Peak6968Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Langpo6965Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Saraswati Parvat I/Saraswati Peak6940Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Shahi Kangri6934Central Tibetan PlateauJammu and Kashmir
Sri Kailas6932Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Kalanka6931Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Chorten Nyima Ri6927Sikkim HimalayaSikkim
Saf Minal/Pk 69116911Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand
Panchchuli II6904Garhwal HimalayaUttarakhand

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