Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti

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Hanuman Ji Ki Aarti (English Lyrics) PDF

हिंदू धर्म में हनुमान जी को भगवान शिव का अवतार माना जाता है। इसलिए जो भी भगवान श्री राम के परम भक्त कहे जाने वाले हनुमान जी का स्मरण करता है उसके सभी दुख-दर्द, डर, भय दूर हो जाते हैं।

Hanuman Aarti English PDF is auspicious to recite this aarti on any day of the week, yet if possible on Tuesdays and Saturdays, one should definitely do the aarti of Hanuman ji in the evening. You can download Hanuman Aarti PDF in Hindi & English by scrolling down to read offline.

Shri Hanuman Aarti Lyrics English

Laal Deh Laali lase, Aru Dhari Laal Langoor.
Vajr Deh Danav Dalan, Jai Jai Jai kapi Sur..
Pavan suth Hanuman Ki Jai..

Hanuman Aarti Choupai
Aarti Ke Jai Hanuman Lalaki.
Dusht dalan Raghunath kalaki. Aarti Ke Jai…

Jaakay bal say giriwar kaapay,
Roog doosh jakay nikat na jhankay.

Anjani putra maha balli daayee,
Santan kay prabhu sada sahaye. Aarti Ke Jai…

Day beeraa Raghunath pataway,
Lanka jaaree seeya soodi laayee

Lanka so koti Samundra Seekhaayee,
Jaat pawansut baran layee

Lanka Jaari Asur Sanghaaray,
Seeya Ramjee kay kaaj sawaray. Aarti Ke Jai…

Lakshman moor chet paray Sakaaray,
Aani Sajeewan praan ubaaray

Paitee pataal toori jam kaaray,
Ahi Ravana kee bujaa ukhaaray

Baayay bujaa asur dhal maaray,
Dahinay bujaa sant jan taray. Aarti Ke Jai…

Sur nar Muni arati utaray,
Jai jai jai Hanuman ucharaay

Kanchan thaar Kapoor loo chaayee,
Aaaarati karat Anjani maayee

Jo Hanuman kee Aaarati gaaway,
Basee Baikoontha param pad paaway.

Lank Vidhvansh Kiye Raghurai
Tulsidas Swamy Keerti Gaai

Aarti Ki Jai…

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