Form 1A PDF

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Form 1A

Form 1A PDF can be downloaded from the official website of the Sarathi Parivahan ( or by visiting the RTO. The form must be taken to a medical practitioner so that the medical examination can be conducted. Once the medical practitioner signs the form, you will need to submit it at the RTO to apply for a DL.

The Form 1A indicates that you are medically fit to ride or drive a vehicle. In case you are below the age of 40 years, Form 1 must be submitted. It is mandatory to submit these forms to get a DL in the country.

How to Fill Form 1A

Form 1A consists of three parts- personal details along with a photograph, a declaration, and a certificate of medical fitness. The applicant fills the first part, while a registered medical practitioner certifies the second and third part. Detailed below is the step-by-step process of filling up the form.

  • Attach your recent passport size photograph at the top right-hand corner of the application. In point 1, input your full name, as mentioned in the identity proof submitted along with the document. In point 2, enter two identification marks which are easily visible on the body, like birthmarks, moles, or stitch marks.
  • Point 3 consist of a set of declarations verifying that the candidate is fit to drive on roads. His present medical condition should not pose a threat to other commuters.
  • Declaration ‘a’ states whether or not the candidate has any vision-related defects. If the doctor marks ‘yes’ in this category, then he must also mention whether it is possible to correct the visual issue by wearing spectacles.
  • The second declaration certifies whether the applicant can distinguish pigmentary colours like red and green. The third one validates the ability to detect other automobiles and number plates from a distance of at least 25 meters. In both cases, the physician marks ‘yes’ if he finds your sense organs functioning within the standard range.
  • Declaration ‘d’ communicates whether the candidate has any degree of deafness that can interfere with his responsibility behind the wheels.
  • The next declaration (point ‘e’) deals with night blindness. It is a vitamin A deficiency disease interfering with night vision. Candidates having this medical issue may find it challenging to drive at night.
  • Declaration ‘f’ concludes that whether or not the applicant has a deformity or loss of organs interfering with his driving skills. The RTO department ensures that under no circumstances, the driver can pose to be a danger to fellow passengers or riders of other vehicles.

Documents to be attached with Form 1A

Detailed below is the list of documents required while filling up Form 1

  • Identity proof
  • Recent passport size photograph of the applicant
  • Duly filled form 1

You can download the Form 1A PDF using the link given below.

Form 1A PDF Download Free

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