Food Calories Chart

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Food Calories Chart

Food Calories Chart PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article.

The food calories list is a table of everyday foods listing their calorie content per average portion. The food calories list also gives the calorie content in 100 grams so it can be compared with any other products not listed here.

The table can be useful if you want to exchange food with similar calorie content when following a weight loss low-calorie program. Download the Food Calories Chart in PDF format by using given link below.

Indian Food Calories List

 BREADS & CEREALS Portion size * per 100 grams (3.5 oz) energy content
 Bagel ( 1 average ) 140 cals (45g) 310 cals Medium
 Biscuit digestives 86 cals (per biscuit) 480 cals High
 Jaffa cake 48 cals (per biscuit) 370 cals Med-High
 Bread white (thick slice) 96 cals (1 slice 40g) 240 cals Medium
 Bread wholemeal (thick) 88 cals (1 slice 40g) 220 cals Low-med
 Chapatis 250 cals 300 cals Medium
 Cornflakes 130 cals (35g) 370 cals Med-High
 Crackerbread 17 cals per slice 325 cals Low Calorie
 Cream crackers 35 cals (per cracker) 440 cals Low / portion
 Crumpets 93 cals (per crumpet) 198 cals Low-Med
 Flapjacks basic fruit mix 320 cals 500 cals High
 Macaroni (boiled) 238 cals (250g) 95 cals Low calorie
 Muesli 195 cals (50g) 390 cals Med-high
 Naan bread (normal) 300 cals (small plate size) 320 cals Medium
 Noodles (boiled) 175 cals (250g) 70 cals Low calorie
 Pasta ( normal boiled ) 330 cals (300g) 110 cals Low calorie
 Pasta (wholemeal boiled ) 315 cals (300g) 105 cals Low calorie
 Porridge oats (with water) 193 cals (350g) 55 cals Low calorie
 Potatoes** (boiled) 210 cals (300g) 70 cals Low calorie
 Potatoes** (roast) 420 cals (300g) 140 cals Medium
 Rice (white boiled) 420 cals (300g) 140 cals Low calorie
 Rice (egg-fried) 500 cals 200 cals High in portion
 Rice ( Brown ) 405 cals (300g) 135 cals Low calorie
 Rice cakes 28 Cals = 1 slice 373 Cals Medium
 Ryvita Multi grain 37 Cals per slice 331 Cals Medium
 Ryvita + seed & Oats 180 Cals 4 slices 362 Cals Medium
 Spaghetti (boiled) 303 cals (300g) 101 cals Low calorie
 Meats & Fish
 Anchovies tinned 300 cals 300 cals Medium
 Bacon average fried 250 cals (2 rashers) 500 cals High
 Bacon average grilled 150 cals 380 cals Med-High
 Beef (roast) 300 cals 280 cals Medium
 Beef burgers frozen 320 cals 280 cals Med-High
 Chicken 220 cals 200 cals Medium
 Cockles 50 cals 50 cals Low
 Cod fresh 150 cals 100 cals Low calorie
 Cod chip shop food 400 cals 200 cals Med-High
 Crab fresh 200 cals 110 cals low calorie
 Duck roast 400 cals 430 cals High
 Fish cake 90 cals per cake 200 cals Medium
 Fish fingers 50 cals per piece 220 cals Medium
 Gammon 320 cals 280 cals Med-High
 Haddock fresh 200 cals 110 cals Low calorie
 Halibut fresh 220 cals 125 cals Low calorie
 Ham 6 cals 240 cals Medium
 Herring fresh grilled 300 cals 200 cals Medium
 Kidney 200 cals 160 cals Medium
 Kipper 200 cals 120 cals Low calorie
 Liver 200 cals 150 cals Medium
 Liver pate 150 cals 300 cals Medium
 Lamb (roast) 300 cals 300 cals Med-High
 Lobster boiled 200 cals 100 cals Low calorie
 Luncheon meat 300 cals 400 cals High
 Mackeral 320 cals 300 cals Medium
 Mussels 90 cals 90 cals Low-Med
 Pheasant roast 200 cals 200 cals Medium
 Pilchards (tinned) 140 cals 140 cals Medium
 Prawns 180 cals 100 cals Low- Med
 Pork 320 cals 290 cals Med-High
 Pork pie 320 cals 450 cals High
 Rabbit 200 cals 180 cals Medium
 Salmon fresh 220 cals 180 cals Medium
 Sardines tinned in oil 220 cals 220 cals Medium
 Sardines in tomato sauce 180 cals 180 cals Medium
 Sausage pork fried 250 cals 320 cals High
 Sausage pork grilled 220 cals 280 cals Med-High
 Sausage roll 290 cals 480 cals High
 Scampi fried in oil 400 cals 340 cals High
 Steak & kidney pie 400 cals 350 cals High
 Taramasalata 130 cals 490 cals High
 Trout fresh 200 cals 120 cals Low calorie
 Tuna tinned water 100 cals 100 cals Low calorie
 Tuna tinned oil 180 cals 180 cals Medium
 Turkey 200 cals 160 cals Medium
 Veal 300 cals 240 cals Medium

Download the Food Calories Chart in PDF format online from the link given below.

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