BIS Product List 2024 PDF

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BIS Product List 2024

BIS Product List 2024 PDF can be downloaded from the official website or it can be directly downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page. BIS is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto

BIS has been providing traceability and tangibility benefits to the national economy in a number of ways – providing safe reliable quality goods; minimizing health hazards to consumers; promoting exports and imports substitute; control over proliferation of varieties etc. through standardization, certification, and testing

BIS Certified Product List 2024

1 Electronics Games (Video)
2 Laptop / Notebook / Tablets
3 Plasma / LED / LCD TV / Smart TV with Screen Size of 32 inches and above
4 Microwave Ovens
5 Visual Display Unit / Monitor of Screen Size of 32 inches and above
6 Printer / Plotter
7 Scanner
8 Wireless Keyboard
9 Telephone Answering Machines
10 Amplifiers with Input Power of 2000W and above
11 Electronic Musical Systems with Input Power of 200W and above
12 Electronic Clocks with Mains Powers
13 Automatic Data Processing Machine (ADPM)
14 Set Top Box (STB)
15 Power Adaptors for IT Equipments
16 Power Adaptors for Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus
17 UPS and Inverters of Rating upto 5KVA
18 DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control Gear (Driver) for LED Modules
19 Sealed Secondary Cells/Batteries containing Alkaline or other Non-Acid Electrolytes for Use in Portable Applications
20 Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services
21 Fixed General Purpose LED Luminaires
22 Mobile phones
23 Cash Registers
24 Point of Sale Terminals
25 Copying Machines / Duplicators
26 Smart Card Readers
27 Mail Processing Machines/Postage Machines/Franking Machines
28 Passport Reader
29 Power Banks for Use in Portable Applications
30 UPS and Inverters of Rating upto 10KVA
31 Recessed LED Luminaires
32 LED Luminaires for Roads and Street Lighting
33 LED Flood Lights
34 LED Hand Lamps
35 LED Lighting Chains
36 LED Luminaires for Emergency Lighting
37 Plasma / LCD / Smart TV / LED Television of Screen Size upto 32 inches
38 Visual Display Units / Video Monitors of Screen Size upto 32 inches
39 CCTV Cameras / CCTV Recorders
40 Adapters for Households and Similar Electrical Appliances
41 USB Driven Barcode Readers, Barcode Scanners, Iris Scanners, Optical Fingerprint Scanners
42 Smart Watch
43 Indian Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets
44 Standalone LED Modules for General Lighting
45 Lighting Chain ( Rope Lights )
46 Keyboard
47 Induction Stove
48 Automatic Teller Cash Dispensing Machines
49 USB Type External Hard Disk Drive
50 Wireless Headphone and Earphone
51 USB Type External Solid State Storage Devices ( above 256 GB capacity )
52 Electronic Musical System with input power below 200 Watts
53 Standalone Switch Mode Power Supplies ( SMPS ) with output voltage 48 V ( max )
54 Television other than Plasma / LCD / LED TV / Smart TV
55 Rice Cooker
56 Wireless Microphone
57 Digital Camera
58 Video Camera
59 Webcam (Finished Product)
60 Smart Speakers (with and without Display)
61 Dimmers for LED products
62 Bluetooth Speakers
63 Optical Disc Players 200W and above
64 Sealed Secondary Cells / Batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications part 1 nickel systems
65 Sealed Secondary Cells/Batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes for use in portable applications part 2 lithium systems
66 Television Sets
67 Crystalline Silicon Terrestrial Photovoltaic Modules (Si wafer-based)
68 Thin Film Terrestrial Photovoltaic Modules (a-Si, CiGs and CdTe)
69 Power Converters for use in Photovoltaic Power System
70 Utility-Interconnected Photovoltaic Inverters
71 Storage Battery for Solar Photovoltaic Application
72 Proximity Switches
73 Electrical Emergency Stop Devices with Mechanical Latching Function
74 Electromechanical Control Circuit Devices
75 AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Contactors for Non-Motor Loads
76 AC Semiconductor Motor Controllers and Starters
77 Electromechanical Contactors and Motor Starters
78 Switches, Disconnectors, Switch Disconnectors and Fuse-Combination units
79 Circuit Breakers
80 Ortho Phosphoric Acid
81 Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade
82 Polyphosphoric Acid
83 Cotton Bales
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BIS Product List 2024

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