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Bipin Chandra History

Bipan Chandra (24 May 1928 – 30 August 2014) was an Indian historian, specializing in the economic and political history of modern India. An emeritus professor of modern history at Jawaharlal Nehru University, he specialized in the Indian independence movement and is considered a leading scholar on Mahatma Gandhi.

Chandra was born in Kangra in Punjab, British India (now in Himachal Pradesh). He graduated from Forman Christian College, Lahore in 1946 after which the Partition forced him to leave. Thereafter he went to the United States where he studied at Stanford University, California, United States, to complete his graduation and post-graduation. He established contact with Communists there, and, caught in the net cast under Senator McCarthy’s anti-Communist crusade, he was deported to India. Back in Delhi in the early 1950s, Bipan Chandra was appointed lecturer in history at the Hindu College, Delhi.[4] Later he completed his Ph.D. from Delhi University in 1963.

Bipin Chandra History for UPSC Exam

This book is a comprehensive book covering the Indian freedom movement from the 1857 Indian Revolt. It covers a lot of important details and also includes historical information from various parts of India. The book has been written after extensive research and all the information given here is corroborated and so you can take them as authentic. Also covered at length are Mahatma Gandhi and his philosophy which is a UPSC-favourite.

Although this book covers the period of Indian history from the 18th to the 20th centuries, it is not a chronicle on the freedom movement as such. It details the social factors and conditions prevailing in India at that time, which effectively helped the British to cement their rule over the subcontinent. The book presents an interesting everyday-reality of the lives of people during those times. It talks about the common man’s observations and reactions to British rule. Basically, it discusses the causes and effects of British rule over India. This makes a good read if you want your answers to be innovative and analytical, where you don’t just throw out facts and incidents but an analysis of them as well.

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Bipin Chandra History

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