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A Tiger in the Zoo

The poem written by Leslie Norris explains the agony and helplessness of a caged tiger that lives in a zoo. The poet explains what his life could be if he had been a free animal.

The poet has tried to explain the condition of animals that are caged by human beings for their own fun.

A Tiger in the Zoo Summary of the Poem

The poem begins with a description of a tiger that is very beautiful and is walking in his little cage. He has beautiful stripes on his skin and has velvet-like soft paws. But the tiger is not happy and is quite angry about being confined in the cage. The poet says that if the tiger was not confined to the zoo cage, he would have been hiding behind the long grass near some water body, in order to catch its prey that is the deer. Also, he would have terrorized the residents of the villages around the forest area. But the reality is totally opposite to this. He was confined in a cage that was made up of strong building material and he was helpless there. He could not show his power to the visitors, therefore, never tried to terrorize them.

The tiger is described as being powerless and agonized by the poet. He says that during night also he is alone, hearing the voice of the patrolling vehicles of police and looking at the stars. The cage life has totally changed the tiger’s personality. The poet is trying to say that the animal which is famous for its fearlessness and freedom is confined and sad due to the human beings who want to derive pleasure by looking at him in the zoo cage.

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A Tiger in the Zoo

A Tiger in the Zoo PDF Free Download

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