What Next After 10th PDF

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What Next After 10th

Students after clearing the 10th class what to Do after class 10th and for the help of students we are providing the What Next After 10th PDF to help the students to choose the best field for their better carrier option. Students can enrol in polytechnic courses. They can also enrol in diploma programmes after finishing grades 10 or 12. Courses in mechanical, civil, chemical, computer, marine technology, textile technology, automotive technology, etc.

Now these days every field offers a plethora of opportunities but you should always select the stream/course based on your interests, aptitude and marks that you are scoring in class 10. Stay on this page to understand better what is next after the 10th. It’s important to assess your interest and aptitude and match up with your understanding of the requirements of the career. If you choose a stream merely based on your interests and do not possess the right skills and abilities, it may cause a problem in the future.

What Next After 10th

Diploma Courses

  1. Diploma in Engineering
  2. Diploma in Hotel Management
  3. Diploma in Journalism
  4. Diploma in Education
  5. Diploma in Photography
  6. Diploma in Psychology
  7. Diploma in Elementary Education
  8. Diploma in Digital Marketing
  9. Diploma in Fine Arts
  10. Diploma in English
  11. Diploma in Fashion Designing
  12. Diploma in Graphic Designing
  13. Diploma in Web Development
  14. Diploma in Web Designing
  15. Diploma in Game Designing
  16. Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery
  17. Diploma in Hotel Reception & Book Keeping
  18. Diploma in Food Technology
  19. Diploma in Information Technology
  20. Diploma in Makeup and Beauty
  21. Diploma in Event Management
  22. Diploma in Business Management
  23. Diploma in Marine Engineering
  24. Diploma in Animation
  25. Diploma in Textile Designing
  26. Diploma in Leather Designing
  27. Diploma in Textile Engineering

10th Pass Courses

  1. Designing Courses
  2. Animation Courses
  3. Fashion Design Courses
  4. Graphic Design Courses
  5. Engineering Courses
  6. Vocational Courses
  7. Hotel Management Courses
  8. Hospitality Management Courses
  9. Chef Courses
  10. Game Designing Courses
  11. Web Designing Courses
  12. Mass Communication Courses
  13. Fine Arts Courses
  14. Visual Arts Courses
  15. ITI Courses
  16. Psychology Courses
  17. Photography Courses
  18. Videography Courses

Popular Diploma Courses After 10th

Name of the Diploma Course Details Course Duration Career Options
for 10th pass courses
Diploma in Fashion Technology Basic knowledge
and skills around Fashion
Designing and Technology
3 Years
  • Fashion Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Textile Designer
  • Bridal wear Designer
  • Fashion Stylist
Diploma in Fire Safety Engineering The course includes
various techniques to
put out fire along with
latest technology and
upgradation in tools in the field.
6 Months
  • Fire Safety Executive
  • Fire Safety Officer
Diploma in Engineering Technical courses or
Polytechnic courses
in different fields of Engineering.
3 Years Directly to Btech Lateral Entry or find a suitable job in a specific area of specialization.
Diploma in Ceramic Technology The course includes properties, manufacturing processes,
design and applications
of ceramic materials.
3 Years Directly to Btech Ceramic Engineering via lateral entry or find a suitable job as a Ceramic Engineer.
Diploma in Plastics Technology Course includes in-depth
knowledge of types of plastics,
their applications, properties
and more.
3 Years
  • Plastic Part Mould Design Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
Diploma in Dental Mechanics The course includes various
concepts of dental structures
and delta heath.
2 Years
  • Dentist
  • Assistant Dental Surgeon
  • Dental Technician
  • Research Assistant
Diploma in Commercial Practice This diploma course after 10th
includes promotion, sale or
supply of service or product to customers. Students are taught the right skills to scale this process.
3 Years
  • Commercial Account Manager
  • Commercial Executive
  • Business Junior Head
  • Branch Commercial Assistant Manager
Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology The course includes various hospitality traits related to hotel management and catering. 2 Years
  • Catering Officer
  • Catering Supervisors & Assistants
  • Cabin Crew
  • Hospitality Executive
Diploma in Agriculture The course includes a range of farming techniques, types of soils and more. 2 Years Directly to B.Tech Agriculture Engineering via the lateral entry or work in an Agriculture based organisation.
Diploma in Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking You will learn various
concepts related to saving computer devices from hackers
and viruses
1 Year A certified ethical hacker or cyber security expert
Diploma in Cosmetology You will learn about different kinds of cosmetics, their uses and
manufacturing details
in this diploma course after the 10th.
1 Year – Open your parlour
– Work at big beauty chains
– Become a sales representative
– Work for cosmetic brands like Lakme, colour bar, Nykaa etc.
Art Teacher Diploma This course includes
basic principles of visual
and design experience.
2 years – Arts teacher
– Painter
– Work for Art galleries
Diploma in Stenography You will learn the concepts of
taking the dictations and
learn other clerical work.
1 Year You can work in a wide range of government jobs. All the public departments have a place for stenographers.

Paramedical Courses After 10th Class

  1. Diploma in Hospital Assistance
  2. Diploma in Rural Healthcare
  3. Pathology Lab Technician
  4. Diploma in Paramedic Nursing
  5. Certificate of Nursing Assistants
  6. Diploma in Physiotherapy
  7. Diploma in X-Ray Technology
  8. Diploma in ECG Technology
  9. Diploma in Radiology
  10. Diploma in Dental Mechanics
  11. Diploma in Pharmacy

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What Next After 10th

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