Tally Shortcut Keys

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Tally Shortcut Keys

ALT + R. To Register Tally. CTRL + A. To accept a form – wherever you use this key combination, that screen or report gets accepted as it is. Ctrl+Alt+B.F1 Function (This function is used to select a company. It is also used to select the inventory and accounts button. •It is available at all master’s menu screen. Appears at the Accounting/ Inventory vouchers creation and alteration screen).

List of some Tally Shortcut Keys

Shortcut Key Description
Alt + F1 Select company
Alt + F2 Change date
Alt + F3 Select company info
Alt + F4 Contra voucher
Alt + F5 Payment voucher
Alt + F6 Receipt voucher
Alt + F7 Journal voucher
Alt + F8 Sales voucher
Alt + F9 Purchase voucher
Alt + F10 Debit note voucher
Alt + F11 Credit note voucher
Alt + F12 Inventory voucher
Ctrl + A Accept a form, report, or voucher
Ctrl + N Create a new company
Ctrl + E Export data
Ctrl + P Print

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