Single Use Plastic Ban Items List

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Single Use Plastic Ban Items List

Indian Government imposed a ban on single-use plastics on items ranging from straws to cigarette packets to combat worsening pollution in the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people. The ban on single-use plastic items includes straws, cutlery, earbuds, packaging films, plastic sticks for balloons, candy and ice cream, and cigarette packets, among other products, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a statement.

The ban on Single-Use Plastics (SUP) by the Centre in order to reduce plastic wastage comes into effect from 1st July 2022. Single-use plastics are usually items that are discarded after being used only once and do not go through the recycling process. These kinds of plastics are often not disposed of appropriately and cannot be recycled as well.  According to a report on Plastic Waste Management released by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, the global average of plastic per capita consumption is 28 kg and India has a per capita plastic consumption of 11 kg. The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Report (2019-20) states that 3.5 million metric tonnes of plastic waste are generated in India annually.

Single-Use Plastic Ban Items List

  • Earbuds with plastic sticks
  • Plastic sticks for balloons
  • Plastic flags
  • Candy sticks
  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Polystyrene (Thermocol) for decoration Plastic plates
  • Cups, glasses, cutlery such as forks, spoons, knives, straw & trays
  • Wrapping or packing films around sweet boxes
  • Invitation cards
  • Cigarette packets
  • Plastic or PVC banners less than 100 micron, stirrers
  • Balloon sticks
  • Cigarette packs
  • Cutlery items including plates, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, knives, trays
  • Earbuds with plastic sticks
  • Sweet boxes
  • Candy and ice cream sticks
  • Invitation cards
  • Polystyrene for decoration
  • PVC banners measuring under 100 microns
  • Plastic flags
  • Straw
  • Packaging film

How Is Government Pushing For Alternatives:

  • Paper, jute, glass, wood and clay, among others, can be a better and low-cost alternative to the banned items.
  • There are many small enterprises and entrepreneurs in the country who can meet the rising demand for such alternatives.
  • Stainless steel made up of various metals such as iron, chromium, nickel, among others can be used.
  • Bamboo can be a major alternative as it is produced in abundance in the country. It’s a highly biodegradable item.
  • Wood too is biodegradable, and the has potential to be one of the best alternative solution.

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Single Use Plastic Ban Items List

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