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Sigma Rules List PDF Download

Sigma Rules List PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Sigma Rules List using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Sigma Rules List PDF

Sigma Rules List PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Sigma is a standardized rule syntax which can be converted into many different SIEM-supported syntax formats. The Recorded Future Platform allows clients to access and download Sigma rules developed by Insikt Group for use in their organizations. Sigma Rules List PDF can be download from the link given at the bottom of this page.

The Sigma rules provided by the open-source Sigma project and the custom rules developed by Recorded Future (available to existing clients only) offer a powerful capability to detect and respond to credential harvesting using existing SIEM solutions. When combined with properly configured host-based logging, using tools such as Sysmon, Sigma rules can elevate the ability of an organization to detect and respond to threats with increased accuracy and efficiency.

Sigma Rules List

Rule TitleRule AuthorRuleset NameIDFilesUndetected Files
Autorun Keys ModificationVictor Sergeev, Daniil Yugoslavskiy, Gleb Sukhodolskiy, Timur Zinniatullin,, Tim SheltonSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)c654002dc2859e8a2f74ec87ad6ff4deaaf0f42f99603aa964e30ed1b1f01cc12140155753952
Suspicious Run Key from DownloadFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)9bc88dec9bf37149ee55ca532e26602ba2ef11e86aa846ab6e0e461f12768b4c82527415330
Stop Windows ServiceJakob Weinzettl, oscd.communitySigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)9afc79c8a56e6e5c4cbd55d203a7dce8efc4ed28aa315b736c842a88b1d3dd0e683139738789
Net.exe ExecutionMichael Haag, Mark Woan (improvements), James Pemberton / @4A616D6573 / (improvements)Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)f1048c602439313e72f67c634350106ba7b709512529457a6f0a5eca6835bc89645151535190
Milum malware detection (WildPressure APT)Ariel MillahuelSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace30fcf3924a898a9d1747e89068ab2990c77ca3914a94aa78466d28a9d9da32bb629196824
Non Interactive PowerShellRoberto Rodriguez @Cyb3rWard0g (rule), (improvements)Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)1c2e4db94ca79f939e94e29c04fb3b71467fc6f5b9c31db34fcce5a2fb3b856f3991193105250
Always Install Elevated Windows InstallerTeymur Kheirkhabarov (idea), Mangatas Tondang (rule), oscd.communitySigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)b7188ffaa64031d83c409b5110885c29570d52a6ba3bacaee0392371cf071016302532655602
File Created with System Process NameSander WiebingSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)e13498937de9343f50c1e8f315ce602aa238e37e21f3dbb15d3403c25afafe3e228494413926
Windows Processes Suspicious Parent DirectoryvburovSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)afd546ea5eff265c454f77f6e7641ade6e5a791d79de155fa27d377be1581535185175292
Shade Ransomware (Sysmon detection)Ariel MillahuelSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplaced8f0141497fc47a78fbf41591174881fdf0e85f2937b08befec5c6273f8867d2167384016
Suspicious desktop.ini ActionMaxime Thiebaut (@0xThiebaut)Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)cdd5a8ff564f3632d9613d1f4925baca8be40a01fe14c7ba3e30f51bf1ff38291397422161
System File Execution Location AnomalyFlorian Roth, Patrick Bareiss, Anton Kutepov, oscd.communitySigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)25fc56c1bee673d7ff3edcf371e4d2a36c0af83222da348961b87735c8efa61f1386967622
Nibiru detection (Registry event and CommandLine parameters)Ariel MillahuelSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace8bbea961d969188574b7fe958c971caadd38b955cc77f21093d7d5d266e4d697114766754640
File deletion via CMD (via cmdline)Ariel MillahuelSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplacef9333cf120369debd56e4e238fffa10bdb2a1497c11e08a082befd02f9f3bdf29238909083
Suspicious Svchost ProcessFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)a0daa529834b3c5230b4524da005a6b6503e7cb061e298a8f74e0dc1fee0a008845991133
Windows PowerShell Web RequestJames Pemberton / @4A616D6573Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)2637f98feb69311f94822998eb3c8b8d217e6c5767e071536ca54f9da830e236805020104
Execution from Suspicious FolderFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)f8d48ec1128b00975e61e06393f6bb04a1d033a94c556d213b3bcb78a80589d86439795419
Suspect Svchost ActivityDavid BurkettSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)dc04e64e69f5446c2a31920ee22415626307d5f3d0fb73ad81b9d3301a41000a56803187
Direct Autorun Keys ModificationVictor Sergeev, Daniil Yugoslavskiy, oscd.communitySigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)b5f76af9d8101930af8d4fee71f3a5395b47eff6bb88e581db02bf890242d79b549037130
CSRSS.exe spawned from unusual location (possible mimicking) (via cmdline)SOC Prime TeamSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplacec3e407003db6c8b95e5a7dcbea08bddf8b53b265400c2feb32abfa523336257c53171011
Swisyn Trojan (Sysmon detection)Ariel MillahuelSOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace173f49a095aef2bc0480b5f8a8ae6c2d0e4125f9096d618a3865346b34d726fa494316108
Suspicious Program Location with Network ConnectionsFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)01b1cc2515aec2562e5e8cd3c88a60677a1acd2d680b289cf67fa493abe433d24820765335
Scheduled Task CreationFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)3bc9d14114a6b67367a24df21134d0564d6f08a0ad903d68f9b25e9d8b7f0790431585473
Startup Folder File WriteRoberto Rodriguez (Cyb3rWard0g), OTR (Open Threat Research)Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)56b8c79acb8e444c2b00be5c9d3cb8e33e863ccb3506d635f907a49cd053c84f323029118
Executables Started in Suspicious FolderFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)934747e347848f3bf5d2222f0c29c4c6e42831b94a6e0ce77ff40017e5f11fd23181562408
Suspicious Program Location Process StartsFlorian RothSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)c593fd1eac248d2f05a155e6c8ef2682b9022a12bc03104ff8e9e7c40f5852683150712406
Execution File Type Other Than .exeMax AltgeltSigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)2104d1ee1ce64e7aa3dbd368652a54ce160e6a5751019af14601fc8fd1df80863141993369
Possible Applocker Bypassjuju4Sigma Integrated Rule Set (GitHub)b9996fdb64c94bd97526744b8287a3b3b02ac4eceff0980c672209adae0be6e5264915225

Sigma Rules List PDF

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Sigma Rules List PDF - 2nd Page
Sigma Rules List PDF - PAGE 2

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