Shree Ram Stuti in English

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Shree Ram Stuti in English PDF

Shri Ram Stuti in English Lyrics

Shri Ramachandra Kripalu Bhajuman, Harana bhavabhaya daarunam ।
Navakanja lochana kanja mukhakara, Kanja pada kanjaarunam ॥1॥

Kandarpa aganita amita chhav nava, Neela neerara sundaram ।
Patapita maanahum tadita ruchi-shuchi ,Navmi janaka sutaavaram ॥2॥

Bhaju deena bandhu dinesh daanav, Daityavansha nikandanam ।
Raghunanda aananda kanda kaushala, Chanda dasharatha nandanam ॥3॥

Sira mukuta kundala tilaka chaaru, Udaaru anga vibhooshanam ।
Aajaanu bhuja shara chaapadhara, Sangraama-jita-khara dooshanam ॥4॥

Iti vadati Tulsidas shankar, Shesha muni manaranjanam ।
Mama hridayakanja nivaas kuru, Kaamaadi khaladal ganjanam ॥5॥

Manu jaahin raacheu milihi so baru , Sahaja sundara saanvaro ।
Karuna nidhaan sujaan seelu, Sanehu jaanat raavaro ॥6॥

Ehi bhaanti gauri asees suni siya, Sahita hiyan harashi ali ।
Tulsi bhavaanihi pooji puni puni, Mudit man mandir chalee ॥7॥

Jaani gauri anukool, Siya hiya harashu na jaaye kaheen ।
Manjula mangala moola , Baam anga pharkana lage ॥8॥

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