SAP T Codes List

SAP T Codes List PDF Download

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SAP T Codes List

SAP T Codes List PDF read online or download for free from the link given at the bottom of this article.

In SAP MM some short-cut codes are provided to save time and effort. These are known as transaction codes. Transaction codes are the short-cut codes that will directly take us to the screen desired. This will help in eliminating the long path that we go through the implementation guide to reach a desired screen.

Transaction code (T Code) in SAP is a 4 digit shortcut key to access the requested transaction. Transaction code provides direct access to the desired transaction from anywhere within the SAP system. Instead of using the SAP R/3 menu path, you can start a function in a single step by using an SAP T-Code.

SAP T Codes List

Transaction CodeTransaction DescriptionApplication ComponentApplication Description
FBL1NVendor Line ItemsFI-GL-ISInformation System
ME21NCreate Purchase OrderMM-PURPurchasing
ME23NDisplay Purchase OrderMM-PURPurchasing
FBL5NCustomer Line ItemsFI-GL-ISInformation System
VA02Change Sales OrderSD-SLSSales
FBL3NG/L Account Line ItemsFI-GL-ISInformation System
VA01Create Sales OrderSD-SLSSales
F110Parameters for Automatic PaymentFIFinancial Accounting
FS10NBalance DisplayFIFinancial Accounting
FB01Post DocumentFIFinancial Accounting
KSB1Cost Centers: Actual Line ItemsCOControlling
MIROEnter InvoiceMM-IVInvoice Verification
FB1SClear G/L AccountFI-GLGeneral Ledger Accounting
ME22NChange Purchase OrderMM-PURPurchasing
MB51Material Doc. ListMM-IMInventory Management
ME2LPurchase Orders by VendorMM-PURPurchasing
MD04Display Stock/Requirements SituationPP-MRP-BDMaster Data
VA03Display Sales OrderSD-SLSSales
MM03Display Material &LO-MD-MMMaterial Master
FB05Post with ClearingFIFinancial Accounting
VF01Create Billing DocumentSD-BILBilling
MMBEStock OverviewLO-MD-MMMaterial Master
F-03Clear G/L AccountFIFinancial Accounting
MM02Change Material &LO-MD-MMMaterial Master
MIGOGoods movementMM-IMInventory Management
FB60Enter Incoming InvoicesFI-GL-GLBasic Functions
MM01Create Material &LO-MD-MMMaterial Master
AW01NAsset ExplorerFI-AA-AABasic Functions
XD02Change Customer (Centrally)FI-AR-ARBasic Functions
VF02Change Billing DocumentSD-BILBilling
VF03Display Billing DocumentSD-BILBilling
XK03Display vendor (centrally)FI-AP-APBasic Functions
F-44Clear VendorFIFinancial Accounting
XK02Change vendor (centrally)FI-AP-APBasic Functions
FB02Change DocumentFIFinancial Accounting
FK03Display Vendor (Accounting)FIFinancial Accounting
MIR4Call MIRO – Change StatusMM-IVInvoice Verification
F-02Enter G/L Account PostingFIFinancial Accounting
FBZ0Display/Edit Payment ProposalFIFinancial Accounting
MB52List of Warehouse Stocks on HandMM-IMInventory Management

SAP T Codes List

You can download the SAP T Codes List in PDF format using the link given below.

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SAP T Codes List

Download link of PDF of SAP T Codes List

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