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On Killing a Tree Poem

On Killing a Tree Poem PDF read online or download for free from the www.aees.gov.in link given at the bottom of this article.

On Killing a Tree PDF is a scathing criticism of human callousness and cruelty in chopping down trees for agriculture, urbanization and industrialization. Apparently, the poem reads like a ‘How-to-Do’ manual of killing a tree but actually, it is a passionate appeal not to cut trees. On Killing a Tree Summary – “On Killing a Tree” is a sensitive poem. The poet persuades the reader not to destroy trees and equates it with “killing” a human being. He says that a plant takes sunlight, water, air, and nutrients from the soil to gradually become a huge tree.

On Killing a Tree” is a poem by the Indian poet Gieve Patel. It is a protest poem, written in stanzas of irregular length. It does not use the traditional markers of poetry, such as rhyme, regular meter, or stanzas of equal length. Instead, it is written in what we call free verse.

On Killing a Tree Poem

The message is the thing that encourages poets to create poetry. The message can be found after knowing the meaning of poetry. Message or advice is captured by readers as the impression after reading the poem. How the reader concludes message poetry is closely related to the point of view of the reader toward something.

On Killing a Tree Poem Question and Answers

Question 1. Can a “simple jab of the knife” kill a tree? Why not?
Answer:  No, a simple jab of knife does not have the ability to kill the tree. It has to go through various processes. If its root is not removed from the earth, it will sprout again.

Question 2. How has the tree grown to its full size? List the words suggestive of its life and activity.
Answer: The tree consumes the earth, and rises out it feeding upon its crust. It absorbs years of sunlight, air and water.

Question 3. What is the meaning of “bleeding bark”? What makes it bleed?
Answer: ‘Bleeding bark’ means the twigs which are cut mercilessly. They leave a liquid substance. If any part of the human body is cut, it starts bleeding. In the same way the liquid substance comes out from the branch of a tree. The human beings’ axe makes it bleed.

Question 4. The poet says “No” in the beginning of the third stanza. What does he mean by this?
Answer: ‘No’ is used to emphasize the perspective that chopping or hacking will not be sufficient for killing a tree.

Question 5. What is the meaning of “anchoring earth” and “earth cave”?
Answer: It means that the earth protects it like a mother. ‘Earth Cave’ implies a hole inside it. The tree allows its roots to spread underneath. The earth protects it and fosters it. It provides all the essential ingredients to the tree.

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On Killing a Tree Poem

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