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One Word Substitution PDF

One Word Substitution PDF Download for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

One-word substitution PDF is the use of one word in place of a wordy phrase in order to make the sentence structure clearer. The meaning, with the replacement of the phrase remains identical while the sentence becomes shorter. One-Word Substitution refers to those types of questions where a sentence or a phrase is simply replaced by a word that describes the whole sentence. One-word substitution makes the sentence structure more precise.

One-word substitution questions frequently occur in many national-level exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CSHL, UPSC, Defence Exams, and other competitive exams.  The best way to learn the concept of One Word Substitution is to learn by framing sentences or visualising the words through an interesting story.

One Word Substitution PDF for SSC

One Word SubstitutionPhrases
AviationStudy of flying aero planes
AstronomyStudy of celestial bodies
AlchemyThe ancient search for a universal panacea, and of the philosopher’s stone.
The medieval version of the study of Chemistry
AcousticsStudy of sound and sound waves
AnthropologyThe study of the evolution of mankind
AstronomyStudy of Stars
BotanyThe study of plants
BiologyStudy of Living Things
CalligraphyArt related to ornate, good handwriting
ChronologyThe science of time order
DemographyThe study of statistics
EntomologyStudy of science of insects
EcologyStudy of the relation between the organism and their environment
GeneticsStudy of hereditary, genes and variation in living organisms
GeologyThe study of rocks and soil
GeographyMapping of earth and its formation
GraphologyStudy of handwriting
GerontologyStudy of various aspects of ageing
HydraulicsStudy of the law of the flow of water and other liquids
LexicographyThe practice of writing dictionaries
NumismaticsStudy of collection of coins, tokens, paper money etc.
OrnithologyStudy of birds
PhilologyThe study of languages
PalaeographyThe study of ancient writing and scriptures
PsychologyThe study of Human Mind
PsephologyStudy of election trends
TheologyStudy of religion
EcophobiaFear of home surroundings
ZoophobiaFear of animals
ClaustrophobiaFear of closed space
HydrophobiaFear of Water
BibliophobiaFear of books
XenophobiaFear or dislike of foreigners
NecrophobiaFear of dead body
AerophobiaFear of height
OphiophobiaFear of snakes
SyngenesophobiaFear of relatives
NomophobiaFear of being without your mobile phone
MariticideThe killing of one’s husband
ParricideThe killing of parents
GenocideThe killing of a whole race
InfanticideThe killing of a newborn child
RegicideThe killing of a king
HomicideThe killing of a human being
SuicideThe killing of oneself
PatricideThe killing of a father
MatricideThe killing of a mother
FratricideThe killing of one’s brother
SororicideThe killing of one’s sister
UxoricideThe killing of one’s wife
DipsomaniaMorbid compulsion to keep on consuming alcohol
KleptomaniaMorbid compulsion to steal
BibliokleptomaniaMorbid compulsion to steal books
PyromaniaMorbid compulsion to start a fire
MegalomaniaMorbid delusion of power, importance or godliness
NymphomaniaMorbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a woman
SatyromaniaMorbid, uncontrollable desire on the part of a man
MonomaniaA person with a one-track mind
MythomaniaThe compulsion to tell lies
ManiaMadness with an obsession with something

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One Word Substitution PDF Download Link

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