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Objects in C++

C++ programming primarily aims to incorporate object-oriented features into the C programming language, with classes serving as the core element supporting object-oriented programming. Classes, often referred to as user-defined types, play a pivotal role in this context.

In C++, a class serves to define the structure of an object, seamlessly combining data representation and methods for manipulating that data into a cohesive unit. The components within a class, encompassing both data and functions, are collectively termed as members of the class.

Objects in C++ Download PDF

An “Object” in C++ represents an instance of a class. When a class is defined, it does not allocate memory. However, upon instantiation, when an object is created, memory allocation takes place. The process involves defining a class in C++ using the “class” keyword, followed by the class name.

Classes and Objects constitute fundamental concepts in Object-Oriented Programming, revolving around real-life entities. A class functions as a user-defined blueprint or prototype, serving as the basis for creating objects. It embodies a set of properties or methods common to all objects of a particular type.

Classes & Objects in Detail:

 Concept Description
 Class member functions A member function of a class is a function that has itsdefinition or its prototype within the class definition likeany other variable.
 Class access modifiers A class member can be defined as public, private orprotected. By default members would be assumed asprivate.
 Constructor & destructor A class constructor is a special function in a class that iscalled when a new object of the class is created. Adestructor is also a special function which is called whencreated object is deleted.
 C++ copy constructor The copy constructor is a constructor which creates anobject by initializing it with an object of the same class,which has been created previously.
 C++ friend functions A friend function is permitted full access to private andprotected members of a class.
 C++ inline functions With an inline function, the compiler tries to expand thecode in the body of the function in place of a call to thefunction.
 The this pointer in C++ Every object has a special pointer this which points tothe object itself.
 Pointer to C++ classes A pointer to a class is done exactly the same way apointer to a structure is. In fact a class is really just astructure with functions in it.
 Static members of a class Both data members and function members of a classcan be declared as static.

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Objects in C++

Objects in C++ PDF Free Download

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