Integration Formulas PDF

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Integration Formulas

Integration can be considered as the reverse process of differentiation or can be called Inverse Differentiation. Integration is the process of finding a function with its derivative.

An integral is a function, of which a given function is the derivative. Integration is basically used to find the areas of the two-dimensional region and computing volumes of three-dimensional objects.

Integral Formulas

The list of integral formulas are

  • ∫ 1 dx = x + C
  • ∫ a dx = ax+ C
  • ∫ xdx = ((xn+1)/(n+1))+C ; n≠1
  • ∫ sin x dx = – cos x + C
  • ∫ cos x dx = sin x + C
  • ∫ secdx = tan x + C
  • ∫ cscdx = -cot x + C
  • ∫ sec x (tan x) dx = sec x + C
  • ∫ csc x ( cot x) dx = – csc x + C
  • ∫ (1/x) dx = ln |x| + C
  • ∫ edx = ex+ C
  • ∫ adx = (ax/ln a) + C ; a>0,  a≠1

Classification of Integral Formulas

The integral formulas can be classified based on the following functions.

  1. Rational functions
  2. Irrational functions
  3. Trigonometric functions
  4. Inverse trigonometric functions
  5. Hyperbolic functions
  6. Inverse hyperbolic functions
  7. Exponential functions
  8. Logarithmic functions
  9. Gaussian functions

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Integration Formulas

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