Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram Sanskrit PDF

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Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram Sanskrit

Goda Devi Ashtothram is one of the best Vedic hymns which is dedicated to Goddess Goda Devi who is also known as Godadevi, Nachiyar, and Kothai is the only female Alvar among the 12 Alvar saints of South India. If you recite this Ashtothram daily in the morning or evening God Devi will complete your all wishes.

Goda Devi Ashtothram is a very effective and rare scripture that is mainly popular in southern parts of India. There are many people who recite it every evening and want to seek the blessings of Goda Devi. You can also recite it with your family to get bestow from Goda Devi.

Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram Shatanamavali

  1. Om Godhaayai Namah
  2. Om Ranganayakaayai Namah
  3. Om VishnuChitthathmajaayai Namah
  4. Om Sathyai Namah
  5. Om GopieVeshadharaayai Namah
  6. Om Devyai Namah
  7. Om Bhoosuthaayai Namah
  8. Om Bhoga Daayinyai Namah
  9. Om Tulasievasgnaayai Namah
  10. Om Sri thanvipura Vaasinyai Namah
  11. Om Bhattanaadha Priyakaryai Namah
  12. Om Krishnaayudha Bhoginyai Namah
  13. Om Amukthamaalyadaayai Namah
  14. Om Balaayai Namah
  15. Om Ranganaadha Priyaayai Namah
  16. OM Varaayai Namah
  17. Om Vishwambharaayai Namah
  18. Om Yathiraaja Sahodaryai Namah
  19. Om Kalaalapaayai Namah
  20. Om Krishnaa Surakthaayai Namah
  21. Om Subhagaayai Namah
  22. Om Durlabhashri Sulakshanaayai Namah
  23. Om Lakshmiepriya Sakhyai Namah
  24. Om Shyaamaayai Namah
  25. Om Phalgunyaa virbhavaayai Namah
  26. Om Ramyaayai Namah
  27. Om Dhanurmaasa krutha vruthaayai Namah
  28. Om Champakashoka punnagyai namah
  29. Om Malaa viraasathkachaayai Namah
  30. Om Akaarathraya sampannayai Namah
  31. Om Naarayana padaamghrithaayai Namah
  32. OM Rajasthitha manoradhayai Namah
  33. Om Moksha pradhaana nipunaayai Namah
  34. Om Manurakthadhi devathaayai namah
  35. Om Brahmanye Namah
  36. Om Lokajananye Namah
  37. Om Leelaa manusha roopinyai Namah
  38. Om BrahmaGnana pradhaayai Namah
  39. Om Mayaayai Namah
  40. Om Sacchidaanda Vigrahayai Namah
  41. Om Mahaprathivrathaayai Namah
  42. Om Vishnuguna keerthana lolupaayai Namah
  43. Om Prasannarthi haraayai Namah
  44. Om Nithyaayai Namah
  45. Om Vedasaudha viharninyai namah
  46. Om Ranganadha maanikhya manjaryai Namah
  47. Om Manjubhooshinyai Namah
  48. Om Padma priyaayai Nama
  49. Om Padma hasthaayai Namah
  50. Om Vedaantha dwaya bhodinyai Namah
  51. Om Suprasannayai Namah
  52. OM Bhagavathyia nanag
  53. OM Janardhana Deepiaayai Namah
  54. Om Sugandha vadhanaayai Namah
  55. Om Chaaru Mangala deepikaayai Namah
  56. Om Dhwaja vajramkushabjhamgaya Namah
  57. Om Mrudupaadhakalpaamjithaayai Namah
  58. Om Thaarakaakaraayai namah
  59. Om Kurmopameyapadhorwabhagaayai namah
  60. OM Shobhanaapaarshikaayai namah
  61. Om Vedaardha bhaava thathwagnayai namah
  62. Om Lokaradhyam ghrepankajayai Namah
  63. Om Paramasamkaayai Namah
  64. Om Kubjasudhwayaadyaayai namah
  65. Om Vishala jaghanayai namah
  66. Om penasushronyai Namah
  67. Om Manimekhalaayai Namah
  68. Om Anandhasagara varyai namah
  69. Om Gambhera bhujanabhikaayaia Namah
  70. Om Bhaswathavallithrikaayai Namah
  71. Om Navavallie romaraajyai Namah
  72. Om Sudhakumbhayithasthanaayai Namah
  73. Om Kalprashakhanidha bhujaayai Namah
  74. Om Karnakundala Kaamchithaayai Namah
  75. Om Pravalaamgulivinya sthamayai Namah
  76. Om Harathnamguliyakaayai Namah
  77. Om Kambhukantyai Namah
  78. Om Suchum Bakaayai Namah
  79. Om Bhimbhostyai Namah
  80. Om Kumdhadantha yuthe Namaha
  81. Om Kamneeya Prabhaswachayai Namah
  82. OM Champeyanibhanasikaayaia Namah
  83. OM Yaamchikaayai Namah
  84. Om Anandarkha prakashothpadhmani namah
  85. Om Thatanka Shobhithaayai Namah
  86. Om Kotisuryagni samkaayai Namah
  87. Om Naana bhooshana bhooshithaayai Namah
  88. OM Sugandha vadanaayai Nama
  89. Om Subhrave Namah
  90. Om ArdhaChandra lalaatakayai Namah
  91. Om PoornaChandraasanaayai Namah
  92. OM Nelakutilaalaka shobhithaayai Namah
  93. Om Sowndarya seema vilasthyai Namah
  94. Om Kasthuri thilakojwalayai Namah
  95. Om Dagaddhakaaya Manodhyath manine Namah
  96. OM bhooshana raajithaayai Namah
  97. Om Jujwalya manasathra rathnadevya kutavatham sakaayai Namah
  98. Om Athyarkanala tejaswi maneem kamjuka dharinyai Namah
  99. Om nanaamani gana keernakaamchanaam gadha bhooshithaayai Namah
  100. OM Kumkumaagaru kasthuri divya chandana Charchithaayai Namah
  101. Om Sochitho jwala Namah
  102. OM Shubha harinyai Namah
  103. Om Sarwavaya vabhooshanayaayai namah
  104. Om Ranganila yayai
  105. Om Poojyaayai Namah
  106. Om Divya devisusevithaayai Namah
  107. Om Sri mathyai kothaayai namah
  108. Om Godhadevyai namah

Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram

You can download the Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram PDF using the link given below.

2nd Page of Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram PDF
Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram

Sri Godadevi Ashtottaram PDF Free Download

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