Giyu Punishment Comic Book PDF

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Giyu Punishment Comic Book

Giyu tries to save Tanjiro from Nezuko Kamado, who had been turned into a Demon but is shocked to see Tanjiro trying to protect her. After nearly getting taken down by Tanjiro, he senses his potential and sends him to his master, Sakonji Urokodaki, so he can train him to become a Demon Slayer.

Giyu Is A Pretty Tall Young Guy With A Slim, Muscular Build And A Pale Skin. He Practically Never Shows Emotion And Always Has A Serious Look On His Face. He Wears His Unruly Black Hair, Which Is Uneven In Length And Spikes Up In Tufts All Over His Head, Back In A Low, Unkempt Ponytail At The Nape Of His Neck. His Fringed Bangs Cover His Eyes Unevenly. His Eyes Are Reasonably Big And Sharp, With Bluish-black Pupils And Deep Sapphire Irises That Lighten To A Lighter Shade Of Blue. His Thin Eyebrows Frame His Eyes.

Giyu Punishment Comic Book PDF

Giyu Has A Stoic, Unfazed Look On His Face All The Time. He Is Quiet And Has A Strong Sense Of Fairness, And He Has Little Patience For Those Who Disregard Their Own Limits And Waste Their Life. Despite Allowing Nezuko Kamado To Survive Because Tanjiro Kamado Persisted, He Kills Other Demons Without Hesitation And Displays Neither Pity Or Regard For Them, Unlike The Majority Of Demon Slayers. Giyu Didn’t Hesitate To Go Against The Rules Of The Demon Slayer Corps, However, In Order To Save Nezuko From Shinobu’s Attempt To Murder Her. This Suggests That, Unlike Some Other Hashira, He Doesn’t Fully Loathe Demons And Is Prepared To Make An Exception By Allowing A Demon To Exist As Long As They Don’t Murder And Consume People. This Demonstrates That He Is Less Likely To Let His Animosity Cloud His Judgements While Dealing With Demons.

Giyu Seems To Have A Concern About What Other People Think Of Him, Therefore He Reacts In Disbelief When Shinobu Kocho Says That Many People Despise Him. He Doesn’t Seem To Be Wounded By Shinobu’s Other Pokes, Either, And Even Ignores Her. Despite This, They Have A Long History Of Friendship And Interaction. He Is A Guy Of Few Words And Finds It Difficult To Engage With People, Therefore He Often Stays A Distance. He Even Makes A Point Of Telling Akaza That He Despises Talking And That He Prefers To Keep His Identity A Secret Since He Believes That Names Shouldn’t Be Revealed, Particularly To Demons.

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Giyu Punishment Comic Book

Giyu Punishment Comic Book PDF Free Download

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