Computer Fundamentals Notes PDF

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Computer Fundamentals Notes

The computer is an electronic device that is capable of receiving information or data and performing a series of operations in accordance with a set of operations. This produces results in the form of data or information. A computer is a machine capable of solving problems and manipulating data. It accepts and processes the data by doing some mathematical and logical operations and gives us the desired output.

The computer can also be defined in terms of the functions it can perform. A computer can i) accept data, ii) store data, iii) process data as desired, iv) retrieve the stored data as and when required and v) print the result in the desired format. The major characteristics of a computer are high speed, accuracy, diligence, versatility, and storage

Computer Fundamentals Notes – Parts

  • Input: this is the process of entering data and programs into the computer system.
  • Control Unit (CU): The process of input, output, processing, and storage is performed under the supervision of a unit called ‘The Control Unit. It decides when to start receiving data, when to stop it, where to store data, etc. It takes care of the step-by-step processing of all operations inside the computer.
  • Memory Unit: The computer is used to store data and instructions.
    Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU): The major operations performed by the ALU are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic, and comparison.
    Output: This is the process of producing results from the data for getting useful information.

Input Device Types

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Light Pen
  4. Optical/magnetic Scanner
  5. Touch Screen
  6. Microphone for voice as input
  7. Track Ball

Output Device Types

  1. Monitor (Visual Display Unit)
  2. Printers
  3. Plotter
  4. Speakers

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Computer Fundamentals Notes

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