Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023

Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023 PDF Download

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Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023

Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023 PDF read online or download for free from the official website link given at the bottom of this article.

Hello friends, today we have brought you Baba Vanga Predictions List by Year PDF 2023 to hold the users. Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian mystic, clairvoyant, and herbalist. Blind since early childhood, Gushterova spent most of her life in the Rupite area in the Kozhuh mountains in Bulgaria. Baba Vanga is most famous for their Prediction for the future and which has actually come true.

Baba Vanga also called Balkan Nostradamus, was born on December 14, 1503, in Saint-Remy in France. He left for his heavenly abode in July 1566. Nostradamus is one of the most known astrologers, who is also known as the read seer of the Renaissance. Baba Vanga on the other hand is a Bulgarian mystic who has earned recognition and fame for being blind but predicting many natural disasters that actually affected the planet.

Baba Vanga Predictions List by Year PDF 2023

  1. Earth’s orbit to change:- One of Baba Vanga’s 2023 predictions is that somehow the Earth’s orbit will “change”. Our planet remains in a fine balance in the cosmos, with even the slightest shift potentially massively changing the climate. If this prediction for 2023 comes true, there could be devastating consequences.
  2. Solar Tsunami:- Baba Vanga’s second prediction for 2023 is said to be a solar storm on a scale never before seen. Solar storms are bursts of energy from the sun which send electrical charges, magnetic fields and radiation toward Earth. They can be as powerful as billions of nuclear bombs. However, the space weather is often simply seen as a pretty phenomenon in the sky such as the Northern Lights.
  3. Bioweapons:- Baba Vanga is also claimed to have prophesied that a “big country” will carry out bioweapons research on people.It is claimed that hundreds of thousands of people could die as a result of such experiments.The Biological Weapons Convention of the United Nations effectively bans such experiments.
  4. Nuclear explosion:-Baba Vanga is also claimed to have warmed about a nuclear power plant explosion in 2023.There are fears of a disaster in Ukraine as Kyiv accuses Moscow of “nuclear blackmail”.Russia remains in control of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) as the war continues to unfold around them.
  5. End of births :- In her last prediction for 2023, Baba Vanga is said to have claimed that natural births could be banned and humans would grow in labs.Leaders and medical experts would be able to decide who is born while parents would be able to customise their traits and appearance – like hair colour and eye colour.
  6. Baba Vanga predictions for future:- The Bulgarian mystic also claimed that in 2025, Europe will be left mostly uninhabited; in 2028, mankind will discover a new power source and walk on Venus and sea levels will rise in 2033.She further claimed that 2288 will see the creation of time travel, by 3797 all humans will have left Earth, in 4599, mankind achieves immortality, and humanity leaves the known universe in 5078.

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Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023

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Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2022 PDF download using the link given below.

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One thought on “Baba Vanga Prediction List by Year 2023

  1. Honestly, after extensively searching through the web – I found only one legit source that is fully dedicated to Baba Vanga –

    The blog is quoting well known Bulgarian and World scientists, artists, poets, musicians, politicians, athletes, etc. who had a personal meeting with Baba Vanga back in the 70-ties, 80-ties, and 90-ties. So I'm a lot more inclined to believe information that comes from the source, than something that's just posted online.

    Anyways – on the Baba Vanga blog, they wrote the following predictions that actually came true:

    • The beginning of the world war 2 and the consequences
    • The date on which Tsar Boris 3 died (Bulgarian king from 1918-1943)
    • The break-up of Czechoslovakia
    • The riots in Lebanon (1968)
    • The war in Nicaragua (1979)
    • The Cyprus conflict in 1974
    • The election of Indira Gandhi and her short-after death
    • The break-up of the Soviet Union
    • The break-up of Yugoslavia
    • The union of East and West Germany
    • The election victory of Boris Eltzin
    • The nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (Ukraine)
    • The date when Stalin died
    • The USA attacks on September 11th, 2001
    • The 44th USA president will be black
    • The disaster of the Russian “Kursk” submarine
    • The conflicts in Syria
    • The return of Simeon Sakskoburgotsky II in Bulgaria

    Here is great quote written by Zheni Kostadinova – she had written some of the most indepth and informative books about the deeds of Baba Vanga.

    "It is really very sad that there are so many publications that are citing Baba Vanga’s predictions incorrectly. Everybody is making up his own bizarre predictions, or they would mix her real words with their fictitious stories, and all this is only distorting in a very negative way the real image of our prophetess, as well her phenomenal gifts and wisdom. But this is not uncommon for the great people – their myths are usually outliving the person itself and what he had left on this world.

    For over 20 years of research on the live and deeds of Baba Vanga I have never met a single person to tell about any of the above predictions. Where they have taken those from? What are their sources? Always when I speak about a prediction given by Baba Vanga I cite the person that she said it to, and when it was said. Baba Vanga was extremely careful to whom she would share any of her predictions as she knew very well that a lot of people will abuse with it. There were such people spreading misleading information on behalf of the prophetess even when she was alive. Today unfortunately, when Baba Vanga is no longer present in the physical world, she cannot defend herself from absurd statements, that aim to spread fear among people. This is why Baba Vanga refuses to make a lot of global predictions. When she had done that, she had insisted on people to keep it a secret. There are some things that were meant to be kept hidden".

    I hope that I shed some light on your questions whether these predictions that you had found on the web are true or not!


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