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Astronomical Calendar 2024 (Celestial Events)

This comprehensive 2024 astronomy calendar presents dates for significant celestial events, encompassing moon phases, meteor showers, eclipses, oppositions, conjunctions, and other captivating occurrences. The majority of these astronomical events are observable with the naked eye, although optimal viewing for some may require a good pair of binoculars. The dates and events are sourced from reputable institutions such as the U.S. Naval Observatory, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, and the American Meteor Society.

Organized by date, each celestial event is accompanied by an astronomy icon for easy identification. Please be aware that all dates and times are provided in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and must be converted to your local date and time. Utilize the UTC clock widget below to determine the necessary adjustments for your local time zone.

Astronomical Calendar 2024

January 3, 4Quadrantids Meteor Shower
January 11New Moon
January 12Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
January 25Full Moon
February 9New Moon
February 24Full Moon
March 10New Moon
March 20March Equinox
March 24Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
March 25Full Moon
April 8New Moon
April 8Total Solar Eclipse
April 22, 23Lyrids Meteor Shower
April 23Full Moon
May 6, 7Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower
May 8New Moon
May 9Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
May 23Full Moon
June 6New Moon
June 20June Solstice
June 22Full Moon
July 5New Moon
July 21Full Moon
July 22Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
July 28, 29Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower
August 4New Moon
August 12, 13Perseids Meteor Shower
August 19Full Moon, Blue Moon
September 3New Moon
September 5Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
September 8Saturn at Opposition
September 18Full Moon, Supermoon
September 18Partial Lunar Eclipse
October 2New Moon
October 8Draconids Meteor Shower
October 16Full Moon
October 31New Moon
November 7, 8Taurids Meteor Shower
November 15Full Moon, Supermoon
November 30Partial Lunar Eclipse
December 1New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse
December 14Geminids Meteor Shower
December 15Full Moon, Supermoon
December 29Ursids Meteor Shower

Celestial Highlights of 2024

The upcoming year promises a spectacular lineup of skywatching events, including meteor showers, lunar eclipses, and a rare total solar eclipse. Make sure to mark your calendar for these celestial marvels.


Quadrantids Meteor Shower: Kick off the year with the Quadrantids meteor shower, peaking between Jan. 3 and Jan. 4. Witness up to 120 shooting stars per hour during this brief but intense celestial display.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: On Mar. 25, 2024, catch a subtle yet captivating penumbral lunar eclipse. Watch as the moon passes through Earth’s outer shadow, creating a mesmerizing celestial event.


Total Solar Eclipse: The highlight of the year occurs on April 8 with a total solar eclipse. This rare event will sweep across North America, offering a unique opportunity to witness the sun’s complete blockage by the moon.

Lyrid Meteor Shower: Around Earth Day, on April 21 – April 22, the Lyrid meteor shower will dazzle with its bright fireballs. Known for occasional outbursts, this ancient shower has been observed for over 2,700 years.


Perseid Meteor Shower: Despite sharing the spotlight with a solar eclipse, the Perseid meteor shower remains a must-watch. Expect the peak on Aug. 11 – Aug. 13, with up to 100 meteors per hour illuminating the night sky.


Partial Lunar Eclipse On Sept. 17, witness a more pronounced lunar eclipse as the moon passes through Earth’s umbra. Although partial, the shadow’s movement creates a captivating display.


Leonid Meteor Shower: Mid-November brings the Leonid meteor shower, known for its colorful streaks. While the peak is predicted between Nov. 17 and Nov. 18, historical storms have produced mesmerizing meteor showers.


Geminid Meteor Shower: End the year with the Geminid meteor shower, peaking between Dec. 13 and Dec. 14. Enjoy one of the best and most reliable annual meteor showers, featuring up to 120 meteors per hour, some with a distinctive greenish hue.

Plan your stargazing adventures and make sure not to miss these celestial wonders in 2024!

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Astronomical Calendar 2024

Astronomical Calendar 2024 PDF Free Download

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