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Vishnu Sahasranama Odia PDF Download

Vishnu Sahasranama in Odia PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of Vishnu Sahasranama in Odia using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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Vishnu Sahasranama Odia PDF

Vishnu Sahasranama PDF Download in Odia for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Vishnu Sahasranamam is a Sanskrit hymn that contains a list of 1,000 names of Vishnu, one of the main deities in Hinduism and the supreme God in Vaishnavism. It is one of the most sacred and popular stotras in Hinduism.

The Vishnu Sahasranama as found in the Anushasana Parva of the epic Mahabharata. It is the most popular version of the 1,000 names of Vishnu. Other versions exist in the Padma Purana, Skanda Purana and Garuda Purana. There is also a Sikh version, found in the text Sundar Gutka. Each name eulogizes one of His countless great attributes.

Benefits of chanting the Vishnu Sahasranama

  • Sincere devotion stems from absolute faith in the power of the divine. Hence, hailing the supreme force and doing Nama Japa with honesty works wonders, as our prayers reach the Lord sooner than expected. Chanting a thousand names of Shri Hari Vishnu attracts goodness, bliss and peace and above all, his blessings.
  • Chanting of the mantras or shlokas or strotras help us remain focussed in life. Each word, when uttered correctly generates energy that can be felt within. This energy stimulates the tiniest cells of the body and boosts our concentration power.
  • A sound mind is essential for a healthy body and vice versa. Hence, we must keep both our mental and physical health free of stress and illness. Regular chanting of the Vishnu Sahasranama or even listening to it daily helps devotees in maintaining good health.
  • Taking the name of the Lord regularly helps us remain grounded. It inculcates a sense of gratitude as we acknowledge the fact that there’s something more powerful than humankind.
  • And last but not least, reciting the Vishnu Sahasranama rids people of the vicious cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Devotees of Shri Hari Vishnu yearn to attain Moksha (liberation) by visiting Vaikuntha, the holy abode of the Lord after breathing their last.

You can download the Vishnu Sahasranama Odia PDF using the link given below.


Vishnu Sahasranama PDF - 2nd Page
Vishnu Sahasranama PDF - PAGE 2

Vishnu Sahasranama PDF Download Link

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