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All UP Schools List

If you are looking for All UP Schools List, then you are at the right place. Below we have made a directory of schools in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. It provides information about various schools across different districts in Uttar Pradesh, including government schools, private schools, primary schools, secondary schools, and higher secondary schools.

List of Government Schools in Uttar Pradesh

In this article, we serve as valuable content for parents, students, and educators who are seeking information about school lists in Uttar Pradesh. It offers details such as school names, addresses, contact numbers, and other relevant information to help users find the right school for their needs.

Whether you are looking for a school for your child or need information about educational institutions in Uttar Pradesh, the All UP Schools list is a reliable and convenient platform to explore and gather information about schools in the state. Here we have given up-to-date data of schools in Uttar Pradesh below in the table.

UP Pre Schools –

School NameTypeDistrictState
Sun Beam SchoolPREBALLIAUttar Pradesh
Hadi Junior High SchoolPRERAMPURUttar Pradesh
Swargiya Sri. Ram Surya Rao Vidya MandirPREBALRAMPURUttar Pradesh
St.Agustin SchoolPREAZAMGARHUttar Pradesh
KIDZ auraPREBALLIAUttar Pradesh

UP Boarding Schools –

School NameTypeDistrictState
Bhaktivedanta Gurukula And International SchoolBOARDINGMATHURAUttar Pradesh
Rajghat Besant SchoolBOARDINGVARANASIUttar Pradesh
Vikas Bharti Public SchoolBOARDINGBHARATPURUttar Pradesh
Shri shalleshwar ic sarilaBOARDINGHAMIRPURUttar Pradesh

UP International Schools –

School NameTypeDistrictState
Amity International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Amity International SchoolINTERNATIONALGHAZIABADUttar Pradesh
Avadh International SchoolINTERNATIONALFAIZABADUttar Pradesh
Azad Education CentreINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Baby Martin International SchoolINTERNATIONALLUCKNOWUttar Pradesh
Billabong High International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Dewan Public International SchoolINTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
Doon International SchoolINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Geeta International Public SchoolINTERNATIONALKUSHINAGARUttar Pradesh
Global Indian International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Gramodaya International CollegeINTERNATIONALJHANSIUttar Pradesh
Gyankalash International SchoolINTERNATIONALSAHARANPURUttar Pradesh
Heritage International SchoolINTERNATIONALALIGARHUttar Pradesh
Inter National SchoolINTERNATIONALLUCKNOWUttar Pradesh
J.k.g. International SchoolINTERNATIONALGHAZIABADUttar Pradesh
K.n. International SchoolINTERNATIONALMATHURAUttar Pradesh
Kangaroo Kids And Billabong High International SchoolINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Karam Devi Memorial Academy International SchoolINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Kothari International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Manav Rachna International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Nehru International Public SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Nims International SchoolINTERNATIONALLUCKNOWUttar Pradesh
Nurture International SchoolINTERNATIONALLUCKNOWUttar Pradesh
Ram Lakhan Bhatt International SchoolINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Ram-eesh International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Ryan International SchoolINTERNATIONALRAEBARELIUttar Pradesh
Ryan International SchoolINTERNATIONALGHAZIABADUttar Pradesh
Ryan International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
S.v.s. International SchoolINTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
Sapphire International SchoolINTERNATIONALGAUTAM BUDDHA NAGARUttar Pradesh
Shanti Niketan VidyapeethINTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
Sun Valley International SchoolINTERNATIONALGHAZIABADUttar Pradesh
The Jain International SchoolINTERNATIONALKANPUR DEHATUttar Pradesh
Translam Academy InternationalINTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
SNVP Girls International School (Top School of Meerut)INTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
Maharshi Arvind Vidya MandirINTERNATIONALKUSHINAGARUttar Pradesh
St. Xavier’s World School for Girls (Meerut)INTERNATIONALMEERUTUttar Pradesh
St. Xavier’s World School (Meerapur)INTERNATIONALMUZAFFARNAGARUttar Pradesh
St. Xavier’s World School (Ghaziabad)INTERNATIONALGHAZIABADUttar Pradesh

UP CBSE Schools –

School NameTypeDistrictState
B.B.L. Public SchoolCBSEBAREILLYUttar Pradesh
merry convent schoolCBSEMAUUttar Pradesh
Bright Children AcademyCBSEKUSHINAGARUttar Pradesh
St. Xavier’s World School (Best CBSE School in India)CBSEMEERUTUttar Pradesh

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