The Fun They Had Questions and Answers

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The Fun They Had Questions and Answers PDF

Hello, Friends today we are sharing with you The Fun They had Questions and Answers PDF to students and you can directly download it from the link given at the bottom of this page. The Fun They Had is the NCERT Class 9th English Chapter 1.

All the answers are provided with step-by-step explanations to aid in easy and quick learning. These NCERT Solutions are the best to complete your homework assignments on time and prepare well for your examinations. These question with answers will help the students to score good marks in their annual exam.

The Fun They Had Questions and Answers

Question 1. How old are Margie and Tommy?
Answer: Margie is eleven and Tommy is thirteen years old.

Question 2. What did Margie write in her diary?
Answer: Margie wrote in her diary. “Today, 17 May, 2157, Tommy found a real book.”

Question 3. Had Margie ever seen a book before?
Answer: No, Margie had never seen a book before.

Question 4. What things about the book did she find strange?
Answer: The book had yellow and wrinkled pages. The words of the book were still. They did not move as the words move on the computer screen. She found these things strange.

Question 5. What do you think a telebook is?
Answer: A telebook is displayed on the television screen and the text of a telebook is similar to a book.

Question 6. Where was Margie’s school? Did she have any classmates?
Answer: Margie’s school was near her own bedroom. She did not have any classmate.

Question 7. What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?
Answer: Margie learnt Geography and Mathematics. Tommy learnt History and Mathematics.

Question 8. Why did Margie’s mother send for the County Inspector?
Answer: Margie’s mother sent for the County Inspector because the mechanical teacher was not functioning efficiently. Margie had been given many tests in geography by the teacher, but there was no improvement in her performance. So, Margie’s mother wanted to find out the reason behind it.

Question 9. How does he describe the old kind of teachers?
Answer: He says that the old teachers did not live in the house. They had a special building and all the kids went there. They gave homework to students. They were not mechanical teachers, but living human beings.

Question 10. Did Margie have regular days and hours for school? If so, why?
Answer: Yes, Margie had regular days and hours for school because her mother said little girls learned better if they learned at regular hours.

You can download The Fun They Had Questions and Answers PDF using the link given below.

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The Fun They Had Questions and Answers

Download The Fun They Had Questions and Answers PDF

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