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Sai Satcharitra

The Sai Satcharita (Marathi: श्री साई सत्चरित्र, also called Sri Sai Satcharitra) is a biography based on the true-life stories of Sai Baba of Shirdi. Authored by Shri. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant, the original edition of the Sai Satcharitra was published in Marathi on 26 November 1930. A subsequent English edition was soon published in 1944, by Shri. Nagash Devastate (N.V.) Gunaji, translated from the original Marathi composition.

The original Marathi version of Sai Satcharita is written by Shri. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant but later translated into English by Shri. Nagash Devastate (N.V.) Gunaji.

Sai Satcharitra in English

The Fist edition of Sai Charitra was published on 26 November 1930. It was written by Shri. Govind Raghunath Dabholkar alias Hemadpant. The English version of Sai Satcharitra was released in 1944. Sai Satcharitra was translated into English by Shri. Nagash Devastate (N.V.) Gunaji.

Sai Satcharitra – How to read

  • There are 52 chapters in Sai Satcharitra, so you can divide these chapters into 7 chapters as per to 7 days of a week.
  • You can read Sai Satcharitra at your convenience. For example, you can read all 7 chapters at a time.
  • You can also divide these 7 chapters into 3 chapters in the morning and 4 chapters in the evening.
  • There are 265 pages in the original Marathi version of the Sai Satcharitra. These number of pages may vary as per the different language addition of the Sai Satcharitra.

Why should we read Sai Satcharitra?

If you are a devotee of Sai Baba and want to seek his special blessing in your life for you and your family then you can read Sai Satcharitra for pleasing the Sai baba to get health, wealth, and prosperity in your life.

In how many languages the Sai Satcharitra is available?

The Sai Satcharitra has been translated into English, Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Sindhi, Bengali, Odiya, Nepali, Punjabi, and Konkani languages. Another English version was also published in New York.

Download the Sai Satcharitra in English PDF format using the link given below.

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Sai Satcharitra

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