REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 PDF in Hindi

REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 Hindi PDF Download

REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 in Hindi PDF download link is available below in the article, download PDF of REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 in Hindi using the direct link given at the bottom of content.

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REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 PDF Download in Hindi for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 Hindi

Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan will be issued the REET (Recruitment cum Eligibility Exam for Teachers) Recruitment notification very soon. Candidates who want to become a 3rd-grade teacher in Govt. Schools, apply for REET Exam 2021.

Level 2 Exam Pattern (Class VI to VIII)

PartSubjectsNo. of QuestionsNo. of MarksExam Duration
IChild Development & Pedagogy30302 Hours 30 Minutes
IILanguage I (Hindi, Sindhi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Punjabi & Gujarati)3030
IIILanguage II (Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Sindhi, Punjabi & Gujarati)3030
IVMathematics & Science (For Maths & Science Teacher) Social Science for Social Science Teachers6060

Level 2 Syllabus (for Class VI to VIII)

▶Mathematics and Science

REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 PDF - 2nd Page
Page No. 2 of REET Level 2 syllabus 2021 PDF

✏Indices – Multiplication and division of numbers on equal bases, Laws of Indices.
✏Algebraic expressions – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Identities
✏Factors – factors of simple algebraic expressions
✏Equations – Simple linear equation.
✏Square & Square Root
✏Cube & Cube Root

✏Interest – Simple interest, Compound interest, Profit – Loss.
✏Ratio and Proportion – Division into proportional parts, Partnership.
✏Percentage, Birth and Death rate, Population growth, Depreciation,

✏Lines and Angles – Line segment, straight and curved lines, types of angles.
✏Plane figures – Triangles, Congruence of triangles, Quadrilaterals and Circle.
✏Area of Plane figures – Triangles, Rectangles, Parallelograms and Trapeziums.
✏Surface Area and Volume – cube, cuboid and right circular cylinder.

✏Statistics – collection and classification of data, frequency distribution table, Tally marks, bar graph and histogram, circular graph (pai diagram).
✏Graph – Various types of graphs.
✏Nature of Mathematics/Logical thinking
✏Place of Mathematics in Curriculum
✏Language of Mathematics
✏Community Mathematics

✏Remedial Teaching
✏Problems of Teaching

▶Social Studies Syllabus 

✏Indian Civilization, Culture and Society –Indus valley civilization, Vedic culture, Indian Society: Characteristics, Family, Marriage, Gender Sensitization, Rural Life and Urbanization.

✏Mauryan & Gupta Empires and Post-Gupta Period – Political history & administration, contribution to Indian culture, Cultural achievement of Gupta’s age, India (600-1000 AD) Indian cultural contacts with the outside world.

✏Medieval and Modern Period –The Bhakti and Sufi Movement, Mughal-Rajput relations; Mughal administration, social, Economic and cultural conditions during the Medieval period, British policies towards Indian states, Revolt of 1857, Impacts of British Rule on Indian Economy, Renaissance and Social reforms, Indian National Movement (1919-1947)

✏Indian Constitution and Democracy – Preamble, Fundamental rights and Fundamental duties, Secularism and Social justice.

✏Government : Composition and Functions –Parliament, President, Prime minister and Council of Ministers; State Government; Panchayati raj and Urban Self -Government.

✏Main Components of the Earth – lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere; types of rocks; Interior and Exterior forces modifying earth’s surface.

✏Resources and Development – Types of Resources, Conservation of Resources, Soils, Minerals and Power Resources, Agriculture, Industries, Human Resources.

✏Geography and Resources of India –Physiographic regions, Climate, Natural vegetation, Wild Life, Multipurpose projects, Agriculture crops, Industries, Transportation, Population, Public amenities, Economic and Social Programmes of Development, Consumer awareness.

✏Geography and Resources of Rajasthan – Physical regions, Water conservation and Harvesting, Agriculture Crops, Minerals and Energy resources, Transport, Industries, Population.

✏History and Culture of Rajasthan – Ancient Civilizations and Janpadas, Freedom Struggle in Rajasthan; Integration of Rajasthan; Heritage and Culture of Rajasthan (Forts, Palaces, Fairs, Festivals, Folk-arts, Handicrafts), Rajasthani Literature, Tourism, Conservation of Heritage.

✏Pedagogical Issues – I – Concept & Nature of Social Science/Social Studies; Class Room Processes, activities and discourse; Problems of teaching Social Science/Social Studies; Developing critical thinking.

✏Pedagogical Issues – II – Enquiry/Empirical Evidence; Teaching Learning Material and Teaching Aids; Projects Work; Evaluation.

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