Oracle Certified Associate JAVA SE 8 PDF

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OCA Java SE 8 Free

Java certification book exam 1ZO-808, java 8 certification by Oracle Download in PDF format or read online for free using link provided.

This Oracle Certified Associate JAVA SE 8 book PDF has following chapters given below. To earn the OCAJP 8 certification, candidates need to pass the 1Z0-808 exam, which covers various topics related to Java programming.

The Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 (OCAJP 8) certification is an industry-recognized credential that validates a programmer’s knowledge and skills in Java programming at the associate level. This certification is based on Java SE 8, which is a widely used version of the Java platform.

Oracle Certified Associate JAVA SE 8 Programmer – Contents

1. Java Building Blocks

  • Understanding the Java Class Structure
  • Writing a main() Method
  • Understanding Package Declarations and Imports
  • Creating Objects
  • Distinguishing Between Object References and Primitives
  • Declaring and Initializing Variables
  • Understanding Default Initialization of Variables
  • Understanding Variable Scope
  • Ordering Elements in a Class
  • Destroying Objects

2. Operators and Statements

  • Understanding Java Operators
  • Working with Binary Arithmetic Operators
  • Working with Unary Operators
  • Using Additional Binary Operators
  • Understanding Java Statements
  • Understanding Advanced Flow Control

3. Core Java APIs

  • Creating and Manipulating Strings
  • Using the String Builder Class
  • Understanding Equality
  • Understanding Java Arrays
  • Understanding an ArrayList
  • Working with Dates and Times

4. Methods and Encapsulation

  • Designing Methods
  • Working with Varargs
  • Applying Access Modifiers
  • Passing Data Among Methods
  • Overloading Methods
  • Creating Constructors
  • Encapsulating Data
  • Writing Simple Lambdas

5. Class Design

  • Introducing Class Inheritance
  • Creating Abstract Classes
  • Implementing Interfaces
  • Understanding Polymorphism

6. Exceptions

  • Understanding Exceptions
  • Using a try Statement
  • Recognizing Common Exception Types
  • Calling Methods That Throw Exceptions

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Oracle Certified Associate JAVA SE 8 PDF Download Free

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