National List of Essential Medicines 2022 India PDF

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Essential Drug List India 2022

Union Health Ministry is taking various steps under the vision of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji towards Sabko Dawai, Sasti Dawai. In this direction, the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) plays an important role in ensuring the accessibility of affordable quality medicines at all levels of healthcare. This will give a boost to cost-effective, quality medicines and contribute towards a reduction in Out of Pocket Expenditure on healthcare for the citizens.”

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare as he launched National Lists of Essential Medicines (NLEM) 2022. 384 drugs have been included in this list with the addition of 34 drugs, while 26 from the previous list have been dropped. The medicines have been categorized into 27 therapeutic categories.

National List of Essential Medicines 2022 India

The following criteria are followed for inclusion in NLEM:

  1.  be useful in diseases which is a public health problem in India
  2. be licensed/ approved Drugs Controller General (India) (DCGI)
  3. have proven efficacy and safety profile based on scientific evidence
  4. be comparatively cost-effective
  5. be aligned with the current treatment guidelines
  6. recommended under the National Health Programs of India. (e.g. Ivermectin part of Accelerated Plan for Elimination of  Lymphatic Filariasis 2018).
  7. when more than one medicine are available from the same therapeutic class, one prototype/ medically best suited medicine of that class to be included.
  8. price of total treatment is considered and not the unit price of a medicine
  9. fixed dose combinations are usually not included
  10. in vaccines as and when are included in Universal Immunization Program (e.g. Rotavirus vaccine).

List of Medicines Added to NLEM 2022

  1. Amikacin
  2. Bedaquiline
  3. Bendamustine Hydrochloride
  4. Buprenorphine
  5. Buprenorphine (A) + Naloxone (B)
  6. Cefuroxime
  7. Dabigatran
  8. Daclatasvir
  9. Darunavir (A) + Ritonavir (B)
  10. Delamanid
  11. Dolutegravir
  12. Fludrocortisone
  13. Insulin Glargine
  14. Irinotecan HCI Trihydrate
  15. Itraconazole
  16. Ivermectin
  17. Lamivudine
  18. Latanoprost
  19. Lenalidomide
  20. Leuprolide acetate
  21. Meropenem
  22. Montelukast
  23. Mupirocin
  24. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)
  25. Ormeloxifene (Centchroman)
  26. Phenoxymethyl penicillin
  27. Procaine Benzyl penicillin
  28. Rotavirus vaccine
  29. Tenecteplase
  30. Teneligliptin
  31. Tenofovir (A) + Lamivudine (B) + Dolutegravir (C)
  32. Tenofovir Alafenamide Fumarate (TAF)
  33. Terbinafine
  34. Valganciclovir

List of Medicines Removed from NLEM 2022

  1. Alteplase
  2. Atenolol
  3. Bleaching Powder
  4. Capreomycin
  5. Cetrimide
  6. Chlorpheniramine
  7. Diloxanide furoate
  8. Dimercaprol
  9. Erythromycin
  10. Ethinylestradiol
  11. Ethinylestradiol(A) Norethisterone (B)
  12. Ganciclovir
  13. Kanamycin
  14. Lamivudine (A) + Nevirapine (B) + Stavudine (C)
  15. Leflunomide
  16. Methyldopa
  17. Nicotinamide
  18. Pegylated interferon alfa 2a, Pegylated interferon alfa 2b
  19. Pentamidine
  20. Prilocaine (A) + Lignocaine (B)
  21. Procarbazine
  22. Ranitidine
  23. Rifabutin
  24. Stavudine (A) + Lamivudine (B) 25. Sucralfate
  25. White Petrolatum

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National List of Essential Medicines 2022 India

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