Madhya Pradesh Pin Code List PDF

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Madhya Pradesh Pin Code List

Madhya Pradesh is a state located in central India. It is known for its rich cultural heritage, historical landmarks, and natural beauty. To provide effective postal services, each region in Madhya Pradesh is assigned a unique PIN code. 

The state is divided into various districts, each having its own unique identity and charm. PIN code stands for Postal Index Number, and it helps in identifying specific locations for the purpose of delivering mail and parcels.

Madhya Pradesh Pin Code List

Here are some popular cities in Madhya Pradesh along with their respective PIN codes:

GWALIOR Gwalior Residency 474005
GWALIOR Gwalior RS 474002
GWALIOR Lashkar 474001
GWALIOR Lashkar City 474009
GWALIOR Maharajpura A.F. 474020
GWALIOR Morar 474006
GWALIOR Moti Jheel 474010
GWALIOR Motimahal 474007
GWALIOR R.K. Puri 474011
GWALIOR S.P. Ashram 474012
GWALIOR Dabra 475110
GWALIOR Datia 475661
GWALIOR Tekanpur 475005
INDORE Army Head Quarter 452006
INDORE Bijasan Road 452005
INDORE Indore 452001
INDORE Indore City -2 452002
INDORE Indore Industrial Estate 452015
INDORE Kanadia Road 452016
INDORE Khatiwala Tank 452014
INDORE Nagar 452007
INDORE Nanda Nagar 452011
INDORE Rajendra Nagar 452012
INDORE Sudama Nagar 452009
INDORE Tilak Nagar 452018
INDORE Vallabh Nagar 452003
INDORE Vijay Nagar 452010
JABALPUR Adhartal 482004
JABALPUR Barela 483001
JABALPUR Bargi 482051
JABALPUR Bargi Nagar 482056
JABALPUR Garha 482003
JABALPUR Gokalpur 482011
JABALPUn High Court 482007
JABALPUR Jabalpur 482001
JABALPUR Jabalpur City 482002
JABALPUR Khamaria 482005
JABALPUR Kundam 483110
JABALPUR Panagar 483220
JABALPUR Patan 483113
JABALPUR Regional Forest Research
JABALPUR Richi 482010
JABALPUR Sahapura 483119
JABALPUR Katni 483501
JABALPUR Vehicle Factory 482009
JABALPUR Vidyut Nagar 482008
KHANDAWA Barwani 451551
KHANDAWA Bir 450110
KHANDAWA Burhantpur 450331
KHANDAWA Jaswadi 450881
KHANDAWA Jawar 450991
KHANDAWA Khandawa 450001
KHANDAWA Kwargone 451001
KHANDAWA Mundi 450112
KHANDAWA Nepanagar 450221
KHANDAWA Rustampur 450337
KHANDAWA Sendhawa 451666
REWA Rewa 486001
REWA Rewa A.P.S. University 486003
REWA Rewa Bansagar Colony 486005
REWA Rewa Engineering College 486002
SAGAII Sagar Cantt 470001
SAGAR Sagar City 470002
SAGAR Sagar Makronia Camp 470004
SAGAR Sagar University 470003
SAGAR Bina 470113
SAGAR Damoh 470661
SAGAR Hatta 470775
SAGAR Khurai 470117
SATNA Satna 481001
SATNA Satna Birla Vikas 485001
SATNA Maihar 485771
SATNA Nagod 485446
SEHORE Astha 466116
SEHORE Narsinggarh 465689
SEHORE Rajgarh 465681
SEHORE Sehore 466665
UJJAIN Baledi 456222
UJJAIN Barnagar 456771
UJJAIN Bhatpachlna 456313
UJJAIN Ghattia 456550
UJJAIN Jaarda 456441
UJJAIN Kanasia 456770
UJJAIN Khachrod 456224
UJJAIN Makdone 456668
UJJAIN Mehidpur 456443
UJJAIN Mehidpur Road 456440
UJJAIN Narwar 456664
UJJAIN Piploda Bagla 456337
UJJAIN Runija 456776
UJJAIN Tajpur 456661
UJJAIN Tarana 456665
UJJAIN Ujjain 456001
UJJAIN Ujjain Bherugarh 456003
UJJAIN Ujjain City 456006
UJJAIN Ujjain M.L. Nagar 456010
UJJAIN Unhel 456221
UJJAIN Birla Gram Nagda 456331
UJJAIN Nagda 456335

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Madhya Pradesh Pin Code List

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