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List of Inventions & Investors Name

List of Important Inventions and Discoveries:

# Invention/Discovery Inventor
1. Anemometer Battista
2. Ammeter Friedrich Dexler
3. Barometer Evangelista Torricelli
4. Telescope Hans Lippershey
5. Microscope Hans Lippershey, Zacharias Janssen
6. Gravity Sir Isaac Newton
7. Mercury Thermometer Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit
8. Electrons J.J. Thomson
9. Neutrons James Chadwick
10. Protons Ernest Rutherford
11. Dynamite Alfred Nobel
12. Radium Marie Curie and Pierre Curie
13. Penicillin Alexander Fleming
14. Aspirin Felix Hoffman
15. Bacteria Antony van Leeuwenhoek
16. Cholera Vaccine Waldemar Haffkine
17. Rubella Vaccine Maurice Hilleman
18. Hepatitis B Virus Baruch Blumberg
19. Hepatitis B Vaccine Pablo DT Valenzuela
20. Polio Vaccine Jonas Edward Salk
21. Smallpox Vaccine Edward Jenner
22. Anthrax Vaccine Louis Pasteur
23. Plague Vaccine Waldemar Haffkine
24. X ray Wilhelm Rontgen
25. Vitamin Casimir Funk
26. Insulin Frederick Banting and J J R Macleod
27. HIV Luc Montagnier
28. World Wide Web Tim Berners Lee, Robert Cailliau
29. Smartphone (Simone) IBM
30. Java Computing Language James Gosling
31. Email Ray Tomlinson
32. C Programming Dennis Ritchie
33. Language Ted Hoff,Federico Faggin,and Stan Mazor
34. Microprocessors Jerry Yang and David Filo
35. Solar System Nicolaus Copernicus
36. Planets Galileo Galilei
37. Printing Press Johannes Gutenberg
38. Electric Bulb Thomas Edison
39. Airplane The Wright Brothers
40. Telephone Alexander Graham Bell
41. Radio Guglielmo Marconi
42. Calculator Blaise Pascal
43. Television John Logie Baird
44. Electricity Benjamin Franklin
45. Telegraph Pavel Schilling
46. Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein
47. Automobile Ferdinand Verbiest
48. Magnetic Tape Fritz Pfluemer
49. Periodic Table Dmitri Mendeleev
50. Transformer and Electric Motor Michael Faraday
51. Geometry Euclid
52. Structure of Atom Ernest Rutherford
53. Hydrogen Bomb Edward Teller
54. Computer Architecture/Stored Program John Von Neumann
55. Nuclear Reactor Enrico Fermi
56. Steam Engine James Watt
57. Battery Alessandro Volta
58. Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel
59. Helicopter Broquet
60. Google Larry Page
61. Mozilla Dave Hyatt and Blake Ross
62. Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
63. Twitter Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone
64. Microsoft Bill Gates and Paul Allen
65. Internet Vint Cerf
66. Email Shiva Ayyadurai
67. Apple Computers Steve Jobs
68. World Wide Web (WWW) Sir Tim Berners- Lee
69. IP Address Robert E. Kahn
70. Micro Processor Federico Faggin
71. Archimedes screw & Pi Archimedes
72. Paper Cai Lun
73. Davy lamp Humphrey Davy
74. Computer Charles Babbage
75. Pedal Bicycle Kirkpatrick Macmillan
76. Pneumatic Tire Edouard Michelin
77. Atomic Bomb Robert Oppenheimera
78. Microchip or Integrated circuit Robert Noyce
79. Blood Groups Karl Landsteiner
80. Raman Effect Sir C.V. Raman
81. Motion of Planets Johannes Kepler
82. Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin
83. Stethoscope Rane Laennec
84. Thermo Flask Dewar
85. Camera Steven Sasson
86. First Modern Motor Car Karl Benz
87. Quantum Theory of Radiation Plank
88. Jet Engine Frank Whittle
89. Crescograph Jagdish Chandra Bose
90. Portland Cement Joseph Aspdin
91. Artificial heart Paul Winchell
92. Optical Fibre Narinder Singh Kapany
93. Radioactivity Henri Becquerel
94. North Pole Robert Peary
95. Green House Gases Joseph Furier
96. Nylon Wallace Carothers
97. Laser Theodore Harold Maiman
98. Radar Heinrich Hertz
99. Fountain pen Waterman
100. Homi J. Bhabha Cosmic rays and Quantum theory

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