Indian National Congress Session 1885-1947 PDF

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Indian National Congress Session 1885-1947

Indian National Congress was founded in Bombay in December 1885. The early leadership – Dadabhai Naoroji, Pherozeshah Mehta, Badruddin Tyabji, W.C. Bonnerji, Surendranath Banerji, Romesh Chandra Dutt, S. Subramania Iyer, among others – was largely from Bombay and Calcutta. A retired British official, A.O. Hume, also played a part in bringing Indians from the various regions together.

The formation of the Indian National Congress was an effort in the direction of promoting the process of nation-building. In an effort to reach all regions, it was decided to rotate the Congress session among different parts of the country. The President belonged to a region other than where the Congress session was being held.

Indian National Congress Session 1885-1947

Date President Place & Session
28-30 December 1885 Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee Bombay (1st)
27-30 December 1886 Dadabhai Naoroji Calcutta (2nd)
27-30 December 1887 Badruddin Tyyabji (fist Muslim President) Madras (3rd)
26-29 December 1888 George Yule (first English President) Allahabad (4th)
26-28 December 1889 Sir William Wedderburn Bombay (5th)
26-30 December 1890 Pherozeshah Mehta Calcutta (6th
28-30 December 1891 P. Ananda Charlu Nagpur (7th)
28-30 December 1892 Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee Allahabad (8th)
27-30 December 1893 Dadabhai Naoroji Lahore (9th)
26-29 December 1894 Alfred Webb Madras (10th)
27-30 December 1895 Surendranath Banerjee Pune  (11th)
28-31 December 1896 Rahimatullah M. Sayani Calcutta  (12th)
27-29 December 1897 C. Sankaran Nair Amraoti (13th)
29-31 December 1898 Ananda Mohan Bose Madras (14th)
27-29 December 1899 Romesh Chunder Dutt Lucknow  (15th)
27-29 December 1900 N.G. Chandavarkar Lahore  (16th)
The Pre Independece Era (1900-1947)
26-28 December 1901 Dinshaw Eduljee Wacha Calcutta (17th)
28-30 December 1902 Surendranath Banerjee Ahmedabad (18th)
28-30 December 1903 Lal Mohan Ghosh Madras (19th)
26-28 December 1904 Sir Henry Cotton Bombay (20th)
27-30 December 1905 Gopal Krishna Gokhale Banaras (21th)
26-29 December 1906 Dadabhai Naoroji Calcutta (22nd)
26-27 December 1907 Rash Behari Ghosh Surat (23rd) (Session Suspended)
28-30 December 1908 Rash Behari Ghosh Madras (23rd )
27-29 December 1909 Madan Mohan Malviya Lahore (24th)
26-29 December 1910 Sir William Wedderburn Allahabad (25th)
26-28 December 1911 Bishan Narayan Dar Calcutta (26th)
26-28 December 1912 Raghunath Narasinha Mudholkar Bankipore (27th)
26-28 December 1913 Nawab Syed Mohammed Bahadur Karachi (28th)
14-15 April 1914 Bhupendra Nath Bose Madras (29th)
27-29 December 1915 Satyendra Prasanna Sinha Bombay (30th)
26-30 December 1916 Ambica Charan Mazumdar Lucknow (31st)
26-29 December 1917 Annie Besant Calcutta (32nd)
26-30 December 1918 Madan Mohan Malviya Delhi (33rd)
29 August – 1 September 1918 Romesh Chunder Dutt Bombay (special Session)
26-30 December 1919 Motilal Nehru Amritsar (34th)
26-30 December 1920 C. Vijayaraghavachariar Nagpur (35th)
27-28 December 1921 Hakim Ajmal Khan (Acting President for C.R. Das) Ahmadabad (36th)
26-31 December 1922 Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das Gaya (37th)
4-8 September 1923 Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Delhi (Special session)
26-27 December 1924 M.K. Gandhi Belgaum (39th)
15-17 April 1925 Mrs. Sarojini Naidu Cawnpore (40th)
26-28 December 1926 S. Srinivasa Iyengar Guwahati (41th)
26-28 December 1927 M. A. Ansari Madras (42th)
29 December 1928 – 1 January 1929 Motilal Nehru Calcutta (43rd)
16-18 April 1929 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Lahore (44th)
21-31 March 1931 Vallabhbhai J. Patel Karachi (45th)
12-14 September 1933 Mrs. Nellie Sengupta Calcutta (47th)
24-28 October 1934 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Bombay (48th)
18-20 June 1936 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Lucknow (49th)
12-14 July 1937 Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Faizpur (50th)
19-21 February 1938 Subhash Chandra Bose Haripura (51st)
10-12 March 1939 Subhash Chandra Bose Tripura (52nd)
19-20 March 1940 Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Ramgarh (53rd)
23-24 November 1946 J.B. Kriplani Meerut  (54th)

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