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Homographs List

Homographs are words with the same spelling but having more than one meaning. Homographs may be pronounced the same (homonyms), or they may be pronounced differently (heteronyms, also known as heterophones).

Some homographs are nouns or adjectives when the accent is on the first syllable, and verbs when it is on the second. When the prefix “re-” is added to a monosyllabic word, the word gains currency both as a noun and as a verb.

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List of Homonyms
S.NoHomonym Examples with Sentences
1.AddressSentence 1: Take my address and send all the posts there.

Sentence 2: The Prime Minister is going to address the crowd tomorrow.

2.BandSentence 1: I love attending musical band performances.

Sentence 2: I don’t prefer to tie my hair with a band.

3.BatSentence 1: Her bat got old hence, she wanted a new one.

Sentence 2: Bats are usually seen at night.

4.MatchSentence 1: I love watching cricket matches.

Sentence 2: Sonam and Raghav make a great match.

5.MeanSentence 1: He has a mean personality.

Sentence 2: I didn’t mean to offend him.

6.RightSentence 1: You have to take a right turn to reach that supermarket.

Sentence 2: Her decisions are often right.

7.Ring:Sentence 1: Rahul is going to buy a diamond ring for his wife.

Sentence 2: Don’t forget to ring me before you come home.

8.Rock:Sentence 1: There are majorly three types of rocks – Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic.

Sentence 2: She constantly rocks him to sleep.

9.Rose:Sentence 1: She loves red roses.

Sentence 2: She rose to the designation of vice-president recently.

10.Spring:Sentence 1: It is not bouncing much because it has lost its spring.

Sentence 2: Spring is one of the four major seasons.

11.Stalk:Sentence 1: In hunger, he started chewing on the stalk of the grass.

Sentence 2: He was detained for stalking a woman for long.

12.Well:Sentence 1: I wish her well all the time.

Sentence 2: They used to walk long to fetch water from the well.

13.Clip:Sentence 1: Before going to school tomorrow, don’t forget to clip your nails.

Sentence 2: I need a metal clip to hold that wire in place.

14.Date:Sentence 1: The result is expected on any date now.

Sentence 2: I hate eating dates.

15.Drop:Sentence 1: Make sure not to drop any book while carrying it to the store.

Sentence 2: I am going to drop this year for my engineering preparation.

16.Fly:Sentence 1: You have to fly to Delhi to attend that interview.

Sentence 2: There is a fly in my cup.

17.Letter:Sentence 1: He used to send me letters when he was away.

Sentence 2: You forgot the letter ‘E’ in the word epitome.

18.Palm:Sentence 1: I don’t believe in palm-reading.

Sentence 2: You can find coconut palm in Malaysia.

19.Park:Sentence 1: There is a beautiful park right in front of her mansion.

Sentence 2: You can’t park your car in the no-parking zone.

20.Point:Sentence 1: Don’t point your fingers at her on your mistake.

Sentence 2: He made a valid point in the meeting today.


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