Daikin AC Brochure PDF

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Daikin AC Brochure

Daikin is the only firm in the world that produces air conditioning systems as well as refrigerants. From the start of a project to the moment of total comfort, each component has been engineered to operate flawlessly with the others, offering ideal performance.

Daikin’s innovative residential and commercial systems can provide total comfort to virtually any structure, regardless of its design, size, or age. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for schools, hotels, workplaces, hospitals, houses, stores, restaurants, and more. You can build a responsive atmosphere with Daikin that adapts to your changing needs continuously.

Best Temperature Controller

Individual temperature control ensures that the entire space is comfortable. Each system comes with wireless remote control that allows you to alter the settings from anywhere in the air-conditioned space. The unit’s functionality is outlined on a huge display, and user-friendly controls provide extensive capabilities ranging from temperature control to energy-saving measures.


Systems that are integrated with an inverter “variable speed” compressor give the capacity needed to maintain desired room conditions while saving up to 30% on energy consumption when compared to classic fixed speed systems. This technology reduces temperature swings and provides constant cooling and heating comfort while conserving energy.

Advanced Zoning

Daikin systems are modular in design and enable individual zone control regardless of the size of the application. Daikin offers innovative systems with comfort control features ranging from single room solutions to large commercial alternatives.

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