Cursive Writing Practice Sheets

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Cursive Writing Practice Sheets

Cursive Writing is any style of penmanship in which characters are written joined in a flowing manner, generally for the purpose of making writing faster, in contrast to block letters. Good handwriting is formed by a pattern of ovals and parallel lines. Capital letters in cursive handwriting usually shouldn’t be any higher than the rest. All downward strokes of letters should be parallel.

Cursive can be further divided into three subcategories of handwriting styles. These are looped, italic, and connected: Looped cursive handwriting is when some letters are written with ‘loops’ to make joining the letters easier.

Cursive Writing Practice Sheets

  • Help reduce letter mix-ups: There are many letters that can be tricky to understand when your students are first learning letter formation. These include ‘p’, ‘q’ ‘b’ and ‘d’. These letters can easily be written backward or upside down. By encouraging your students to join their letters, this mistake can be reduced.
  • Increase concentration in writing: As cursive writing encourages more writing flow, this can increase concentration. By reducing the number of times the pen is lifted from the page, you might find that your students are able to write more fluidly.
  • Faster writing: One of the great reasons that teachers and students should learn to write in cursive styles is because it’s actually much faster than print script. In cursive handwriting, the letters are connected. So, you and your young learners will lift your pens less frequently, cutting down on time spent forming letters.

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Cursive Writing Practice Sheets

Cursive Writing Practice Sheets PDF Free Download

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