Cosmetic Items List Hindi PDF

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Cosmetic Items List Hindi

Cosmetics comprise a range of products that are used to care for the face and body or to enhance or change the appearance of the face or body. The products include skincare, personal care, cosmetics, and fragrance.

There is a vast array of cosmetics available. Each sub-category of cosmetics has its own characteristics, however, the products are generally formulated using a mixture of chemical compounds derived from natural sources or created synthetically.

Cosmetics have at least one of three purposes. They can be used to cleanse, such as shampoo, body wash, and face cleanser do. They can be used to replenish and protect the skin, like toners, serums, moisturizers, and balms. Or they can be used to enhance one’s appearance, such as makeup. Often enhancing appearance can occur as a result of cleansing or healing the body.

Comestic Items List in Hindi/English

  1. प्राइमर – Primer
  2. ‌कंसीलर या फाउंडेशन – Concealer / Foundation
  3. ‌कंपैक्ट – Compact
  4. ‌आई शैडो – Eye shadow
  5. ‌आई लाइनर – Eye Liner
  6. ‌मसकारा – Maskara
  7. ‌आइब्रो पेंसिल – Eyebrow Pencil
  8. ‌काजल – Kajal
  9. ‌लिपस्टिक या लिप कलर – Lipstick / Lip Color
  10. ‌ब्लश – Blush
  11. ‌नेल पॉलिश – Nail Polish
  12. ‌नेल पेंट रिमूवर – Nail Pent Remover
  13. ‌सनस्क्रीन – Sun Screen
  14. ‌मास्चराइजर – Moisturizer
  15. ‌मेकअप रिमूवर – Makeup Remover
  16. ‌वेट टिश्यू – Wet Tissue
  17. ‌फेस मास्क – Face Mask
  18. ‌सीट मास्क – Sheet Mask
  19. ‌फेस वॉश या क्लींजर Face Wash / clinger
  20. ‌लिप बाम – Lip Bam
  21. ‌परफ्यूम – Perfume
  22. ‌फेस पैक – Face Pack
  23. ‌हाइलाइटर – Highlighter
  24. ‌कॉन्टूर – Contour
  25. ‌लिप लाइनर – Lip Linner
  26. ‌ब्रोंजर – Bronger
  27. ‌डे क्रीम – Day Creem
  28. ‌नाइट क्रीम – Night Creem
  29. ‌फेस पाउडर -Face Powder
  30. ‌बिंदी – Bindi
  31. ‌सिंदूर – Sindur

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Cosmetic Items List

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Cosmetic Items List in Hindi PDF

Cosmetic Items List in Hindi PDF

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