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List of Collective Nouns

Collective nouns are words that, although treated as singular, describe a group of people, places, things or ideas. A wide variety of such words exist, but not all of them can be used in every context. If you are looking to name a group of things whilst speaking or writing in the English language, you are going to need to use a collective noun.

This is a type of noun that we see very often in the language, and you must be aware of how they function within a sentence.

Collective Nouns

Collective nouns refer to a group or collection of individuals or things. Understanding collective nouns can enhance your communication skills and add richness to your vocabulary. Collective nouns come in various forms, from animals to people to objects. Examples include a “herd” of cattle, a “flock” of birds, a “team” of players, or a “library” of books.

Mastering collective nouns not only improves your writing and speaking abilities but also allows you to express yourself with precision and clarity. Using the correct collective noun adds depth and specificity to your descriptions. To enhance your knowledge of collective nouns, you can download the high-quality PDF from given link below online.

Common Collective Nouns Used for People

Here are some examples of common collective nouns used for people:

  • A class of pupils
  • A company of actors
  • A party of friends
  • A coven of witches
  • A crowd of spectators
  • Cruft of hackers
  • A den of thieves
  • A panel of judges
  • A team of athletes
  • A crowd of people
  • A crew of sailors
  • A choir/group of singers
  • A relay of runners
  • A cavalcade of horsemen
  • A bridge of admirals
  • A panel of experts
  • A faculty of professors
  • A horde of savages
  • A mob of gangsters
  • A class of students
  • A herd of wrens
  • A patrol of policemen
  • A flock of tourists
  • A slate of candidates
  • A communion of saints
  • A bevy of girls
  • A billow of smokers
  • A huddle of lawyers
  • A gang of thieves
  • A bench of magistrates
  • A board of directors
  • A host of angels
  • A bunch of crooks
  • A body of men
  • A party of politicians
  • A host of friends
  • A bevy of ladies
  • An audience of listeners
  • A house of senators
  • A gang of laborers
  • A faculty of teachers
  • A band of musicians
  • A platoon of soldiers

Common Collective Nouns Used for Animals

Here are some examples of common collective nouns used for animals:

A flock of birds A herd of cattle A school of fish
A pack of wolves A pride of lions A swarm of bees
A gaggle of geese A colony of ants A troupe of monkeys
A murder of crows A pod of whales A skein of geese
A litter of kittens A raft of ducks A covey of quail
A herd of deer A smack of jellyfish A shoal of bass
A bevy of beauties A herd of elephants A building of rooks
A cloud of bats A string of horses A host of sparrows
A flight of doves A group of whales A parliament of owls
A pack of dogs A huddle of penguins A colony of seals
A congregation of alligators A swarm of locusts A pod of orcas
A drove of cattle A congress of vultures A tower of giraffes
A mob of kangaroos A plump of teal A flutter of butterflies
A tower of flamingos A drift of snipe A leash of greyhounds
A run of salmon A brook of trout A gang of elk
A herd of bison A litter of piglets A sounder of wild boars
A thump of rabbits A pace of donkeys A herd of buffalo
A swarm of mayflies A shiver of sharks A herd of reindeer
A skein of swans A gulp of pelicans A herd of antelope
A chatter of starlings A bunch of flamingos A pod of porpoises
A herd of musk oxen A pack of coyotes A stand of storks
A crash of rhinos A herd of moose A gang of horses
A muster of peacocks A horde of horses A shoal of mackerel
A gulp of terns A herd of yaks A flamboyance of flamingos
A pod of killer whales A clutch of eggs A scurry of squirrels
A drift of woodcocks A run of hares A bevy of maidens
A pride of peacocks A gaggle of goats A team of oxen
A group of giraffes A caravan of camels A cast of falcons
A nursery of seals A herd of sheep A flotilla of ducks
A paddling of ducks A covey of partridges A herd of gazelle
A colony of rabbits A clutch of hens A gang of badgers
A pod of dolphins A squad of seals A clutter of cats
A horde of hamsters A horde of hedgehogs A rookery of penguins

Of interest, collective nouns that describe a specific group of animals are called terms of venery.

Common Collective Nouns Used for Things

Here are some examples of common collective nouns used for things:

  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A bunch of flowers
  • A fleet of ships
  • A forest of trees
  • A galaxy of stars
  • A pack of cards
  • A pack of lies
  • A pair of shoes
  • A range of mountains
  • A wad of notes

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List of Collective Nouns

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