CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021 PDF

CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021 PDF download free from the direct link given below in the page.

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CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021

The Central Board of Secondary Education on Saturday issued a fresh policy for Class 10 board exam results and said for each subject, 20 marks will be for internal assessment, 80 marks for tests conducted during the session.

The Board further added in a statement that the marks should be in consonance with past performance of the school in class 10 board exams. The CBSE also asked the schools to form an 8-member committee for tabulating results for canceled class 10 board exams.

CBSE Issued Marking Scheme for Cancel Class 10th Board Exam

CBSE vide notification dated 14.04.2021 canceled the Board Exams for Class X to be held from 4th May to 7th June 2021. The notification also mentioned that:-

  • Results of Class X Board will be prepared on the basis of an objective criterion to be developed by the Board, and
  • Any candidate who is not satisfied with the marks allocated will be given an opportunity to appear in an exam as and when the conditions are conducive to hold the exams.

Challenges Before CBSE and Schools

  • In the pandemic situation, delivering fair and unbiased results to students on time is a challenging task. But the board is confident that every school leader and every teacher of CBSE affiliated schools will complete this process with the highest degree of professionalism, consistency, and care. To ensure accurate and fair results.

Objective of the Policy

Developing an unbiased and transparent academic record based on a realistic evaluation of the academic performance of students is the important objective before all. While undertaking this task, four key principles of any evaluation namely reliability, fairness, flexibility, and validity have to be followed during the evaluation process. In order to make sure that the assessment is fair, valid, and reliable,

Procedure for Assessment of Students

  • The students will be assessed out of a maximum of 100 marks for each subject. As per the policy of the Board, 20 marks are for Internal Assessment and 80 marks are for Year-end Board Examinations.
  • The Internal Assessment for 20 marks will be as per the existing policy laid out in circular number Acad-11/2019 dated March 6, 2019, available at Based on the circular, Internal Assessments have already been done by the schools and a majority of schools have uploaded their data on the CBSE portal. All schools have been requested to upload the marks of Internal Assessment latest by 11th June 2021 as communicated earlier.
  • Due to the cancellation of the Board Examinations, the assessment of 80 marks will be done by the school:
    • Based on the marks scored by the candidate in the different tests/exams conducted by the school during the year, and
    • The marks should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class X Board examinations.

Constitution of Result Committee

  • Each school shall form a Result Committee consisting of the Principal and seven teachers for finalizing the results. Five teachers from the school should be from Mathematics, Social Science, Science, and two languages, and two teachers from neighboring schools should be co-opted by the school as the external members of the Committee.

Recording of Evidence and Assessment

  • The evidence towards the performance of the student in the internal tests/exams conducted by the school would be documented student-wise and maintained securely. These documents may be called upon for subsequent verification as per the instructions of the Board.
  • As per the information collected from the schools through Regional Offices of CBSE, schools have conducted different types and number of tests/exams. Broadly, the following exams/tests are common and will be used for school-based assessment and the weightage in terms of maximum marks for schools who have conducted the above tests/exams is given below:

Category of Tests/Exams Maximum Marks
(a) Periodic Test/ Unit Test : 10 Marks
(b) Half Yearly/Mid-Term Examinations: 30 Marks
(c) Pre-Board Examinations: 40 Marks
Total: 80 Marks

Download the CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021 in PDF format using the link given below.

2nd Page of CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021 PDF
CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021

CBSE Tabulation Marks for Class 10 Cancelled Board Exam 2021 PDF Free Download

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