Buffalo Shooting Manifesto

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Buffalo Shooting Manifesto PDF

In the manifesto, which was being reviewed by law enforcement, Mr. Gendron — who had attended a community college in Binghamton, N.Y. — wrote that he had selected the area because it held the largest percentage of Black residents near his home in the state’s Southern Tier, a predominantly white region that borders Pennsylvania. The document outlined a careful plan to kill as many Black people as possible, complete with the type of gun he would use, a timeline, and where he would eat beforehand.A teenage gunman entranced by a white supremacist ideology known as replacement theory opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday, methodically shooting and killing 10 people and injuring three more, almost all of them Black, in one of the deadliest racist massacres in recent American history.

The authorities identified the gunman as 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron of Conklin, a small town in New York’s rural Southern Tier. Mr. Gendron drove more than 200 miles to mount his attack, which he also live-streamed, the police said, a chilling video feed that appeared designed to promote his sinister agenda. The attack, at a Tops Friendly Market in a largely Black neighborhood in east Buffalo, conjured grim comparisons to a series of other massacres motivated by racism, including the killing of nine Black parishioners at a church in Charleston, S.C., in 2015; an antisemitic rampage in a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 that left 11 people dead; and an attack at a Walmart in El Paso in 2019, where the man charged had expressed hatred of Latinos. More than 20 people died there.

Buffalo Shooting Manifesto

Location1275 Jefferson Avenue, Buffalo, New York, United States
Coordinates42.909802°N 78.852612°W Coordinates: 42.909802°N 78.852612°W
DateMay 14, 2022
2:30 – c.2:49 p.m. (EDT)
Attack type
WeaponsBushmaster XM-15 E2S Sporter semi-automatic rifle
Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun
Savage Arms Axis XP bolt-action rifle
MotiveWhite supremacy, terrorism

Mass Shootings in the US in the Year 2022

May 14Buffalo (3)New York103132022 Buffalo shooting: A shooter who was clad in body armor indiscriminately opened fire at a Tops supermarket, killing ten, including a security guard, and wounding three others.
May 13Milwaukee (4)Wisconsin017[n 2]17A gunfight among several groups of people wounded seventeen people following an NBA game in the East Town neighborhood.
May 13Dallas (4)Texas235Two people were killed and three were injured in a shooting in the Deep Ellum neighborhood.
May 12Hot SpringsArkansas044A fight outside a convention center following a high school graduation ceremony led to a shooting that injured four. No students or graduates were involved in the shooting or fight.
May 11PatersonNew Jersey145A teenage girl was killed and four men wounded in a shooting in the Sandy Hill neighborhood.
May 11Chicago (10)Illinois044Four people, including two children, were shot while they drove together in a vehicle in the West Englewood neighborhood.
May 11Saint Louis (2)Missouri134Four people, including a teenager and a baby, were injured in an ambush while they drove in a car in the Mark Twain neighborhood. One of the adult victims perished.
May 11Indianapolis (2)Indiana044Four people, including two teenagers, were shot along the Canal Walk after two groups of people began shooting at each other across the water following an argument.
May 10BrookshireTexas134A shooter shot four people, one fatally, before fleeing and sparking a manhunt.
May 10Chicago (9)Illinois066Six people were shot by two men in a drive-by shooting in the Jackson Park neighborhood on the South Side.
May 10Baltimore (6)Maryland055Five people were shot during a confrontation between two groups after at least one of the groups opened fire in northwestern Baltimore.
May 10Chicago (8)Illinois145Five teenagers outside in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side were shot, one fatally, by multiple occupants of a stolen vehicle.
May 10Baltimore (5)Maryland134Four people were shot, one fatally, in the Milton-Montford neighborhood.
May 10Philadelphia (5)Pennsylvania044Four people were shot, including two teenagers, in the Kensington neighborhood.
May 9Tuscaloosa (2)Alabama055An argument in the common area of an apartment complex led to a shooting that injured five.
May 9DetroitMichigan044A fight amongst a group of people in the Chandler Park neighborhood on the city’s east side led to four people, including three teenagers, being shot.
May 8ClarkstonGeorgia336Three people were killed and another three were injured in a shooting at a condominium complex. The shooter has not been found.
May 7GarlandTexas224A shooting outside a house party left two teens dead and two others injured shortly before midnight.
May 7FairfieldOhio134Four people were shot, one fatally, at a Fraternal Order of Police event center that had been reserved for a private party.
May 7BrownsvilleFlorida044A fight during an informal car meeting among a group of people led to a shooting that injured four, including two juveniles.
May 7LexingtonKentucky235Shooting during the very early morning killed two and wounded three.
May 6New Orleans (4)Louisiana246Shooting in the Village de L’Est neighborhood left two killed and four others wounded.
May 5SunnysideWashington055During a Cinco de Mayo festival, a gang member shot at a member of a rival gang who was in a crowd of people, wounding five bystanders–including four children. The shooting prompted the cancellation of the event.
May 3NewkirkOklahoma044A shooting at a casino in Kaw Nation territory wounded four.
May 3BeaumontTexas055Someone shooting through an apartment window wounded five people.
May 3Baton Rouge (3)Louisiana055Five people were shot in a shooting incident during the evening.
May 3Chicago (7)Illinois044Three people were shot in the Chicago Loop as they sat at a red light at an intersection by two people. Another person was shot by a stray bullet as they crossed the street.
May 1Tarpon SpringsFlorida066An argument among a group of people led to someone opening fire, wounding six.
May 1SpringfieldOhio145Five people were shot, one fatally, on a street in the early morning.
May 1LafayetteLouisiana012[n 2]12Officers responding to shots fired engaged an active shooter and shot the attacker. Eleven people were shot before police stopped the shooter.
May 1ClintonNorth Carolina134A party is held at a park that ended in gunfire, with four people being shot. One person succumbed to their injuries.
April 30Jackson (2)Mississippi1[n 2]56A shooting by multiple people at a festival wounded five. One of the shooters was fatally shot by a responding officer.
April 30Atlanta (4)Georgia145A fight in the Rosedale Heights neighborhood led to a shooting that killed one and injured four others.
April 29JacksonTennessee224Four teenagers were shot, two fatally, in a drive-by shooting.
April 29Knoxville (3)Tennessee224Two people were killed and three others were injured after a fight between two biker gangs led to a gunfight in a bar parking lot in the Fountain City neighborhood.
April 29New Orleans (3)Louisiana066A shootout at a bar between two groups of people wounded six people in the 11th Ward neighborhood.
April 29LaurelMississippi044A shooting at a party injured four.
April 28BessemerAlabama134A woman was killed, and three other people were injured, including a teenager, in a revenge shooting.
April 27OpelousasLouisiana235An argument between two men escalated into a shooting that killed a young girl and another man. Three children, including a toddler, were also shot.
April 27Chicago (6)Illinois044Four people, including a teenager, were wounded in a drive-by shooting in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.
April 27Biloxi and GulfportMississippi404A man fatally shot three people, including the owner, at a motel in Biloxi before fleeing westward to Gulfport. In Gulfport, he fatally shot another man and carjacked his vehicle before barricading himself inside a convenience store. The shooter assaulted two employees of the convenience store but they escaped unharmed, after which he barricaded himself inside an office. The shooter set a fire in the room which caused him to die of smoke inhalation.
April 27Phoenix (2)Arizona044Four people were shot during an argument in the Maryvale Village neighborhood.
April 27San Antonio (4)Texas044During the filming of a music video at a barbershop, at least one person opened fire from a passing vehicle, wounding four. A fifth person was injured while trying to flee.
April 26Rock HillSouth Carolina314Three teenagers were fatally shot on a road in northwest Rock Hill. Another person was shot but survived.
April 25BirminghamAlabama134A shooting at a gathering at a Shell gas station wounded three and killed one.
April 24LafayetteIndiana246A fight at a house party led to six people being shot, with two dying from their injuries.
April 24Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina134Four people were shot, one fatally, during the early morning hours.
April 23San BernardinoCalifornia145Five people were shot, one fatally, in a shooting at a bar in the Muscupiabe neighborhood.
April 23Atlanta (3)Georgia055Five people were shot in the Hotel District neighborhood during the late-night hours.
April 23Chicago (5)Illinois224Four people were shot, two fatally, in a drive-by shooting in the West Englewood neighborhood.
April 23Rocky MountNorth Carolina044A fight at a sports bar led to a shooting that injured four during the early morning hours in the Goldest East neighborhood.
April 22PetersburgVirginia044Four people were shot during the night in central Petersburg.
April 22Washington D.C (3)Washington D.C1[n 2]45A 23-year-old man shot at random people at Edmund Burke School from his apartment with a sniper-style set-up, wounding four—including a child, in the Forest Hills neighborhood. The man committed suicide as officers entered his apartment.
April 22CincinnatiOhio044Four people were injured in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.
April 21Mountain ViewArkansas404Four people were shot to death in two different shootings carried out by the same person a quarter-mile apart from each other. The perpetrator is still on the loose.
April 20DuluthMinnesota5[n 2]05A man shot four of his family members, including two children, as they slept before turning the gun on himself.
April 18CooleemeeNorth Carolina4[n 2]04A man shot his girlfriend and their two young children before shooting himself.
April 17Golden GladesFlorida134A fight at an Easter party being held at a home ended in gunshots, with a man being killed and three others, including two juveniles, being injured.
April 17BaldwinLouisiana055Five people were shot during the late evening hours.
April 17Portland (4)Oregon134One teenage boy died and three others are in a hospital after a shooting in the Centennial neighborhood.
April 17Philadelphia (4)Pennsylvania044Four people were shot in the Fairhill neighborhood.
April 17FurmanSouth Carolina099A shooting at an Easter party being hosted at a nightclub wounded nine.
April 17Sacramento (2)California134Shooting in the Parkway neighborhood wounded three and killed one during the early morning hours.
April 17PittsburghPennsylvania29112022 Pittsburgh shooting: An early morning shooting at a party held at an Airbnb rental property in the East Allegheny neighborhood killed two juveniles and wounded nine others. Five people sustained injuries such as broken bones and cuts when they jumped out windows to escape the gunfire.
April 16North Las VegasNevada044Four people were shot, including two children, during a house party.
April 16Paw PawMichigan044An exchange of gunfire behind a bar left four wounded.
April 16PittsburgTexas167Seven people were shot, one fatally, during a shooting at a pasture party and trail ride.
April 16Baltimore (4)Maryland134A shooting killed one and injured three others in northwest Baltimore during the evening.
April 16Columbia (2)South Carolina099Columbiana Centre shooting: Nine people were shot and five others were injured while fleeing a shooting at the Columbiana Centre after at least one person opened fire.
April 16MilledgevilleGeorgia04[n 3]4An argument between two men at a bar escalated, with them opening fire on each other and wounding one another. Two bystanders were also shot.
April 16SyracuseNew York145Shortly after midnight, five people were shot, one fatally, in the Armory Square neighborhood.
April 15Stockton (2)California224A group of people approached another group and opened fire, killing two and wounding two others in the Pacific neighborhood.
April 15Walnut TownshipKansas1[n 2]34Police officers responding to reports of a suspicious vehicle found a woman inside a Jeep, who refused to cooperate with officers. She then pulled out a gun when officers attempted to remove her from the vehicle and opened fire, wounding three officers before being fatally shot.
April 12New York City (3)New York134Four people were shot, one fatally in the Allerton neighborhood of The Bronx.
April 12New York City (2)New York010102022 New York City Subway attack: Ten people were shot when a gunman opened fire on a New York City Subway train as it approached the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood. Immediately before the attack, the assailant donned a gas mask and threw smoke bombs. The incident caused 19 others to be injured as they fled. The suspect was arrested the next day.
April 10WillowbrookCalifornia246First responders found two men dead and four others injured after a shooting.
April 10Cedar RapidsIowa21012A targeted shooting at a nightclub wounded ten and killed two after two men opened fire in the Oakhill Jackson neighborhood.
April 10Baton Rouge (2)Louisiana044Police found three people shot at two different related shootings after a shooting victim flagged down a police cruiser.
April 10Indianapolis (1)Indiana156A fight at a birthday party being held at an event venue erupted into gunfire, with five people being injured and another person being killed both in and outside the building.
April 10ElginIllinois156An early morning shooting at a gathering being held at an apartment complex killed one and injured five.
April 9Washington D.C (2)Washington D.C044A shooting carried out by two men across multiple blocks wounded four, including two teenagers.
April 9Houston (4)Texas1[n 2]34A fight inside a bar in the Wingate neighborhood spilled outside, where multiple men pulled out firearms and opened fire at each other, resulting in the death of a man and injuries to three others.
April 9Miami (2)Florida044Four people were shot outside a convenience store in the Model City neighborhood in the early morning.
April 7LatimerMississippi4[n 2]04A man fatally shot his estranged wife, a relative, and another person in a home before shooting himself.
April 6Philadelphia (3)Pennsylvania1[n 2]34A man shot two women in the Frankford neighborhood before being pursued by police to an apartment building, where he barricaded himself inside and engaged in a gunfight with police. The man wounded a SEPTA police officer before fatally shooting himself.
April 4HartfordConnecticut134Four people were shot, one of them fatally, in the Clay Arsenal neighborhood.
April 4CovingtonKentucky044A large fight involving multiple juveniles erupted into gunfire. A shooter wounded three juveniles and an adult man.
April 3San FranciscoCalifornia224Four people were shot, two fatally, near a playground in the Crocker-Amazon neighborhood.
April 3Sacramento (1)California6[n 3]12[n 3]182022 Sacramento shooting: A shootout between the Crips and Bloods, and the Bloods’ local ally the G-Mobb gang, ended with one member of each gang being killed and one Crips member being injured. Three bystanders were killed, while another eleven were wounded.
April 3Parkin and WynneArkansas2[n 2]24A man opened fire inside a home in Parkin, killing one and wounding another. Responding police spotted him as he drove west away from the scene, leading to a chase that ended in Wynne, where he engaged in a gunfight, wounding a police officer before being fatally shot.
April 3Buffalo (2)New York044Four people were shot as they left a party in the Willert Park neighborhood in the early morning.
April 3Dallas (3)Texas11516During a concert just after midnight, a person fired a shot into the air, and immediately afterward, another person opened fire into the crowd of concertgoers. Sixteen people were shot, including three teenagers, and one person died.
April 2Colorado Springs (3)Colorado055Five people were shot in two different related shootings in the same neighborhood. Four people were shot in the first shooting, and a fifth was shot in the other.
April 2MonroeLouisiana145Five people were shot, one fatally, in the parking lot of a bar in the early morning.
April 2ShreveportLouisiana134Four people were shot in an early morning shooting outside a bar. One person was found dead by responding police.
April 2ShelbyNorth Carolina134Four people were shot behind a bar, one fatally, just after midnight.
April 1WalterboroSouth Carolina05[n 2]5An argument led to a gunfight that injured five near midnight.
March 31LebanonPennsylvania2[n 2]24Police officers responding to a home robbery were fired upon by the suspect, who wounded two and killed one. Officers returned fire and killed the suspect.
March 29Buffalo (1)New York04[n 2]4A motorist fleeing a traffic stop opened fire as he was being pursued by police, wounding three officers, before being shot himself at the end of a car chase.
March 28Portland (3)Oregon04[n 2]4A shooting during an illegal street-racing event in the St. Johns neighborhood wounded four, including two teenagers and a child. The suspect, an adult male, was also injured.
March 27New Orleans (2)Louisiana224A shooting at an intersection in the Little Woods neighborhood killed two and injured two others.
March 26HollisterCalifornia235A drive-by shooting in northern Hollister killed two and injured three.
March 26ClevelandOhio044A shooting at a downtown nightclub during the early morning hours wounded four.
March 26Virginia BeachVirginia044An argument between two groups of people outside a bar in Northwest Virginia Beach just after midnight led to a shooting that injured four. Officers nearby responded and fired at one of the shooters, but they escaped uninjured.
March 25Colorado Springs (2)Colorado224A fight outside The Citadel mall during the late evening escalated into a shooting that killed two and wounded two others.
March 23Glendale (2)Arizona05[n 2]5An argument between two groups of people at a Tanger Outlets mall led to a shooting that injured five, including a child and two teenagers.
March 23WilliamsonNew York04[n 2]4An attempted burglary at a home led to a gunfight, with two residents being injured and two robbers being injured.
March 22Stockton (1)California134Four men, including a teenager, were shot in a parking lot just after midnight in the Valley Oak neighborhood. The teenager died as he was frantically driven to a hospital by a family member.
March 21Chicago (4)Illinois224Four men were shot by someone who approached them and opened fire as they stood on the sidewalk in the South Shore neighborhood. Two of the victims later died from their injuries.
March 21WaterburyConnecticut044Four people were shot outside of a bar after an altercation.
March 20Dallas (2)Texas01010Crossfire between two gunmen injured 10 victims from a crowd of 1,000 spring break celebration attendees at the ‘Space Dallas’ party hall.
March 20Milwaukee (3)Wisconsin044An argument at a party led to someone opening fire, wounding four people, in the Franklin Heights neighborhood.
March 20Houston (3)Texas134Four teenagers were shot outside another teen’s birthday party being held at a production studio, with one dying from their injuries. The shooting was sparked by an argument in the parking lot of the studio.
March 20AustinTexas044Four people were shot at the annual SXSW festival in Downtown Austin.
March 19FayettevilleNorth Carolina325Five people were shot, three fatally, in the parking lot of a Baymont Inn in the Terry Sanford neighborhood.
March 19Dallas (1)Texas01010Ten people were shot during a drive-by shooting outside a party venue in the South Dallas neighborhood.
March 19DumasArkansas12627A gunfight between two people at a car show killed one bystander and wounded 26 others, including five children.
March 19Madison HeightsVirginia145During the early morning hours, five people were shot. A woman was found dead by responding police.

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