Animal and Their Homes Name List

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Animal and Their Homes Name List PDF

Human beings, we all have homes to live similarly to animals, whether they are wild or farm does have their homes and shelters. The environment in which an animal lives (its habitat) must provide water, food, shelter, and space. Some homes are for just one animal or for a mother and her babies. Other homes are for a large group of animals to all live together. Animal homes serve a variety of purposes.

A home is a place where we feel safe and at peace. Our home is where we live, sleep, work and play. It is where we store food and other stuff; it’s the place that makes us feel safe from danger or uncomfortable.

List of Animals and their Homes

S. No.AnimalMaleFemaleYoungHomeSound
1AlligatorBullCowHatchlingNestBellow, hiss
2AardvarkBoarSowCubBurrow, denBark, grunt
3AntWinged males, anerQueens/workersLarva, AntlingFormicary, hive, nestCry
4ApeMaleFemaleInfantLogging, nestMoo
5ArmadilloBoarSowPup, babyBurrowGrunt
6BadgerBoarSowCub, kit, kittenHole, settGrowl
7BatMaleFemalePupRoost, cavePoo
8BearBoarSowCubDen, cavePink, fink
9BeaverMaleFemaleKittenBeavery, lodge, burrowUtter
10BeeDroneQueen, workerFry,Aviary, beehive, hiveBuzz,
11BeetleMaleFemaleGrub, mealwormLand(tunnel)Gibber, drone
12BirdCock,Hen,Chick, hatchling, squabAviary, cage, nestTwitter, chirp
13BitternCockHenChickNestGrowl, boom
14BuffaloBullCowCalfBarn, Byre, Pasture, StableDrone
16CatTom, gibMolly, queenKitten, kitCattery, Lair, DenMeow, purr, caterwaul
17CattleBullCowCalfBarn, Byre, Pasture, StableBoom
18CheetahMaleFemaleCubSafari, savannaBleat, chirp, growl
19ChickenRoosterHenChick, pullet , cockrellCoopCackle, chuck, cluck
20ChimpanzeeBlackbackEmpressInfantTreeChatter, gibber
21CockroachMaleFemaleLarva, nymphHomes, sewers, priviesHiss
22CoyoteDogBitchCub, pup, whelpLairBell,troat
23CraneCockHenChick, CranelingNestBellow, bray, roar, growl
24CrocodileBullCowCrockletsNestBellow, hiss
25CrowCockHenChickNestBleats, grunts
26DeerBuck, stag, bull, hartDoe, hind, cowCalf, fawnGrass, trees, and bushesBray, hee-haw
27DogDog, stud, sireBitch, damWhelp, pup, puppyKennelBark, bay
28DolphinBullCowCalf, pupDolphinariumClick
29DonkeyJack, jackassJennet, jennyColt, foalBarn, shedBuzz
30DoveCockHenSquab, chickColumbarium, dovecotCoo
31DuckDrakeDuck, henDucklingNest, pondCackle, clang, honk

Animal and Their Homes Name List

List of Animals and their Homes PDF
List of Animals and their Homes PDF

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List of Animals and Their Home PDF

List of Animals and Their Home PDF

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Animals and Their Homes Pictures PDF

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