Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka PDF

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Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka

Brihat Jataka or Brihat Jatakam or Brihajjatakam, is one of the five principal texts written by Varāhamihira, the other four being Panchasiddhantika, Brihat Sahinta, Laghu Jataka and Yogayatra. Download varahamihira brihat samhita book in pdf format or read online for free by clicking the link provided.

The Brihat Jataka covers a wide range of astrological principles and techniques, providing detailed guidelines for assessing planetary influences, analyzing birth charts, and making predictions based on various astrological combinations and yogas. It delves into the significance of different planetary positions, aspects, and transits, offering valuable insights into the interpretation of a person’s life events and personality traits.

Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka Book (Contents)

Chapter 1: On Signs
Chapter 2: On Planets
Chapter 3: Non Human Births
Chapter 4: On Conception
Chapter 5: Birth Conditions Indications from the time of Birth
Chapter 6: Factors for Early Death Early death
Chapter 7: Span of Life
Chapter 8: Ruling & Sub Ruling periods
Chapter 9: Ashtaka Varga
Chapter 10: Nature of Profession
Chapter 11: Rajayoga
Chapter 12: Nabhas Yogas
Chapter 13: Yogas for Moon
Chapter 14: Combination of Planets
Chapter 15: Renunciation
Chapter 16: Traits of Asterisms
Chapter 17: Moon in Different Signs
Chapter 18: Planets in Signs
Chapter 19: Aspects on Moon
Chapter 20: Planets in Houses
Chapter 21: Planets in Vargas
Chapter 22: Miscellaneous
Chapter 23: Anishta or Misfortunes Misfortunes
Chapter 24: Female Horoscopy
Chapter 25: On Death
Chapter 26: Unknown Horoscopes Unknown Horoscopes. How to cast them. How to
Chapter 27: On Drekkana (their nature)

Download the Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka in PDF format online from the link given below.

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2nd Page of Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka PDF
Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka

Varahamihira The Brihat Jataka PDF Download Free

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