The Barefoot Investor

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The Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor is a popular book written by Australian financial expert Scott Pape. It is a comprehensive guide to managing personal finances and creating long-term wealth.

The book provides practical tips and strategies for people to take control of their finances and achieve financial freedom. The Barefoot Investor is known for its straightforward and easy-to-follow advice, making it a great resource for people who are new to managing their money.

The Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape

The book covers topics such as creating a budget, setting financial goals, investing, and building a strong financial foundation. It also emphasizes the importance of taking action and making small changes to achieve big results.

The Barefoot Investor has been praised by readers and financial experts alike for its practicality and effectiveness. It has helped many people take control of their finances and achieve their financial goals.

The Barefoot Investor is definitely worth checking out. With its simple and effective strategies, it can help you achieve financial freedom and create a brighter financial future.


  • Acknowledgement
  • Introduction – Going Barefoot
  • Step 1 – Keep it Real
  • Step 2 – Look out for number one
  • Step 3 – REPO your Repayments
  • Step 4 – Work your Mojo
  • Step 5 – Have a Backup plan
  • Chapter 6 – Property – An Aussie love affair
  • Chapter 7 – Barefoot Entrepreneurs
  • Website Directory
  • Index

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The Barefoot Investor

The Barefoot Investor PDF Free Download

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