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Tav Prasad Savaiye English Translation

Tav Prasad Savaiye English Translation PDF read online or download for free from the www.sikhnet.com link given at the bottom of this article.

Tav Prasad means with the grace of God. This composition vehemently condemns idolatry, pilgrimages, grave worship, yogi samadhis, and other ceremonial beliefs of Hinduism, Jainism, and Islam as being useless in achieving God is carried out in the absence of love for God and all his creations.

The Nitnem is a Daily Spiritual Cleanse prescribed for Sikhs. It prepares us for any obstacles we may come across and helps us react in the best way. As part of the daily prayers (Nitnem), the Tav Prasad Savaiye by Guru Gobind Singh is usually recited after Japji and Jaap Sahib in the mornings. In the Dasam Granth, the collection of writings by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, this Bani appears on pages 13 to 15, starting with Stanza 21. Guru Gobind Singh explains in it the futility of rituals and blind faith without sincere worship of God.

Tav Prasad Savaiye English Translation

Holy men of many stripes have I encountered in my wanderings

Warriors, demons, and demigods; ‘saints’ of various orders

Many countries have I seen, but none is truly His

Without the Lord’s blessing, all these are utterly worthless

Tall, richly caparisoned, and bejeweled elephants, swaying majestically

Countless horses, faster than the wind, prancing like deer

Kings, strong of arm; saluted by all; their power incomprehensible

Of what consequence these trappings? For they too depart barefoot from this world

Triumphant they march through many lands; kettle drums extolling their glory

To the cacophonous trumpeting of their elephants and the neighing of their horses

Countless proud kings there have been and will be

Unmindful of the Lord, they go to their final resting place, these trappings, left behind

Pilgrimages, ablutions, restraint, charity, and mercy

The diligent study of the Hindu and Muslim holy texts

Abstinence from food; celibacy; all this I have seen

Without contemplating the Lord, all this is futile

Brave warriors, clad in shining armor who crush their enemies

Proud and steadfast; even more than the mountains

Shattering their enemies; crushing rebels; humbling elephants

Bereft of His grace, they too shall depart from the world

Multitudes of fearless heroes, who face steel unhesitatingly

Conquer nations and crush rebels, subduing proud elephants

With threats alone, cause impregnable forts everywhere to surrender

They too are naught but beggars at His doorstep

Demons, demigods, serpents, and ghosts; forever have and will submit to God

As will all creatures in sea and land that He created in the twinkling of an eye

And thus will their good deeds multiply and their sins will be erased

The holy will roam the world in ecstasy and their enemies will be subdued

Powerful kings of men and demigods, with powerful elephants in their command

Men who perform ritual ablutions, believe in charity, and have many splendid weddings

They too, along with the Gods of the Hindu Pantheon, shall not escape death

But those that are truly aligned with Him, shall escape the cycle of rebirth

Pointless it is to shut your eyes and meditate silently as if you were a crane

To wander seeking holy places to bathe at, rather than contemplating the Lord

Or to waste one’s life in the pursuit of pleasure

God can be obtained only by loving Him and his creation

Some venerate and worship stones; others are attached to idols (like Shivalingams)

Some seek him in the South (Dwarka); others in the West (Mecca)

Some fools worship idols and others pray at gravestones

The world is tangled in pointless rituals; none have fathomed the inscrutable Lord

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Tav Prasad Savaiye English Translation

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