Saraswati Ashtottaram Malayalam PDF

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Saraswati Ashtottaram Malayalam

Maa Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge, wisdom, art and literature. As you know there are many people who are going through various difficulties related to literature and speech. Therefore, to get rid of all the obstacles that come in the way of attainment of knowledge, they should recite Saraswati Ashtotram with full devotion and reverence.

Saraswati Ashtotram or Shri Saraswati Ashtottara Shatanamavali are 108 names of Mother Saraswati. Get here Shri Saraswati Ashtotram in Hindi pdf lyrics and chant 108 names of Saraswati Devi with devotion. Whether it is a mantra or a source, the special grace of the deities is obtained by chanting them. The glory of mantras is described in detail in the scriptures. There is nothing in the universe which cannot be attained through mantras, it is necessary that the sadhak has the right method of chanting and the feeling of well-being.

Saraswati Ashtottaram

ōṁ sarasvatyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahābhadrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāmāyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ varapradāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śrīpradāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ padmanilayāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ padmākṣyai namaḥ |
ōṁ padmavaktrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śivānujāyai namaḥ | 9

ōṁ pustakabhr̥tē namaḥ |
ōṁ jñānamudrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ ramāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ parāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ kāmarūpāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāvidyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāpātakanāśinyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāśrayāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mālinyai namaḥ | 18

ōṁ mahābhōgāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahābhujāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahābhāgāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahōtsāhāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ divyāṅgāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ suravanditāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahākālyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāpāśāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahākārāyai namaḥ | 27

ōṁ mahāṅkuśāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ pītāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vimalāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ viśvāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vidyunmālāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vaiṣṇavyai namaḥ |
ōṁ candrikāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ candravadanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ candralēkhāvibhūṣitāyai namaḥ | 36

ōṁ sāvitryai namaḥ |
ōṁ surasāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ dēvyai namaḥ |
ōṁ divyālaṅkārabhūṣitāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vāgdēvyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vasudhāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ tīvrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahābhadrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahābalāyai namaḥ | 45

ōṁ bhōgadāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ bhāratyai namaḥ |
ōṁ bhāmāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ gōvindāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ gōmatyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śivāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ jaṭilāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vindhyavāsāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vindhyācalavirājitāyai namaḥ | 54

ōṁ caṇḍikāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vaiṣṇavyai namaḥ |
ōṁ brāhmyai namaḥ |
ōṁ brahmajñānaikasādhanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ saudāminyai namaḥ |
ōṁ sudhāmūrtyai namaḥ |
ōṁ subhadrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ surapūjitāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ suvāsinyai namaḥ | 63

ōṁ sunāsāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vinidrāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ padmalōcanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vidyārūpāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ viśālākṣyai namaḥ |
ōṁ brahmajāyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ mahāphalāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ trayīmūrtyai namaḥ |
ōṁ trikālajñāyai namaḥ | 72

ōṁ triguṇāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śāstrarūpiṇyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śumbhāsurapramathinyai namaḥ |
ōṁ śubhadāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ svarātmikāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ raktabījanihantryai namaḥ |
ōṁ cāmuṇḍāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ ambikāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ muṇḍakāyapraharaṇāyai namaḥ | 81

ōṁ dhūmralōcanamardanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ sarvadēvastutāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ saumyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ surāsuranamaskr̥tāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ kālarātryai namaḥ |
ōṁ kalādhārāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ rūpasaubhāgyadāyinyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vāgdēvyai namaḥ |
ōṁ varārōhāyai namaḥ | 90

ōṁ vārāhyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vārijāsanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ citrāmbarāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ citragandhāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ citramālyavibhūṣitāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ kāntāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ kāmapradāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vandyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ vidyādharasupūjitāyai namaḥ | 99

ōṁ śvētānanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ nīlabhujāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ caturvargaphalapradāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ caturānanasāmrājyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ raktamadhyāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ nirañjanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ haṁsāsanāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ nīlajaṅghāyai namaḥ |
ōṁ brahmaviṣṇuśivātmikāyai namaḥ | 108

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Saraswati Ashtottaram

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