RGHS Medicine List 2024 PDF

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RGHS Medicine List 2024

Rajasthan Government Health Scheme (RGHS) was introduced to cover indoor medical treatment expenses, specified daycare procedures, outdoor treatment, investigations, and medical attendance and treatment under Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani Chikitsa Paddhati and other treatment. The scheme is covering the Ministers, All India Service Officers, MLAs & Ex-MLAs, Serving & Retired Judicial officers, Serving Government employees (whether covered under old or new pension schemes) and pensioners/family pensioners, and employees and pensioners of Autonomous Bodies, Boards, Corporations and Corporations etc.

RGHS card holders are entitled to get a cashless supply of drugs and medicines in the earliest and in efficient way. The empaneled pharma stores and e-pharma stores will supply the Allopathic drugs and medicines at the agreed uniform rate of discount on MRP (inclusive of all taxes) in the stipulated time against orders issued through the RGHS portal.

RGHS Medicine List 2023

Latest RGHS Medicine List 2023
1. A & D Pearls
2. A & D Vitamin Massage oil
3. Abdominal Binder
4. Absorbent cotton (Not Druq)
5. Abzol Powder
6. Acecolex
7. Acid Carbolic
8. Acid Glycero pepsin B-1
9. Acid Salicylic Cold Cream Powder
10. Aciqel Vaqinal Gelly
11. Acilose Vaqinal Compound
12. Acimalt
13. Acrifiavin Lotion
14. Acrifitex
15. Ademin Compound
16. Adgusuce plaster
17. Adical
18. Adiudets
19. Adrenapax
20. Adreneline Tablets
21. Aeri Flame
22. Agres Tonic
23. Agretonicum/ Ague Tonicum
24. Air Rings
25. Akin Malt
26. Albosanq
27. Alcohol
28. Alcopheniol
29. Alcpphloqistin
30. Alefrina
31. Aletris Cordial Soluble
32. Aletris Elixi
33. Aletritone
34. Aloan Ointment
35. Alqipan Cream I Ointment
36. Alqocratine Cachets
37. Alka Cip Tablets
38. Alka Seltzer
39. Alkacitrate Granules
40. Alkaline Citrate
41. Alkanet With Vit. S
42. Alkaseptal
43. Alkasim T.F
44. Alkasol “C”
45. Alkia Salrates
46. Alkocitdris
47. Allantoin
 48. Allcooks Porous Plaster
49. Allistan Tablets
50. Allochrvsine Suppositories

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RGHS Medicine List 2024

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