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Matir Katha‘ is an agriculture-based portal involving 5 Departments which are Agriculture, Agricultural marketing, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Horticulture. Useful information about different Agricultural Sectors is available through this portal to serve the citizens of West Bengal at the grassroots level.

The range of information covered in this portal includes name and kind of seeds, availability, price and quality control of seeds, suggestions for Season / Area / Crop/variety wise cropping (based on crop calendar), different information related to Soil and Fertilizer, Cultivation Technique of different crops, crop diseases and their remedies, Agro-Climatic Zones and Schemes for the cultivation of different crops.

Download the Matirkatha Application Forms in PDF format using the link given below.


Download PDF of Matirkatha Application Forms

Matirkatha Application Forms PDFLanguagePagesSize
Krishak Bandhu Form 2022 West Bengal in Bengali PDF

Krishak Bandhu Form PDF is an application form issued by the West Bengal Govt. for providing financial benefits to the farmers and labourers who are often...

Bengali20.91 MB
Krishak Bandhu Form 2021 West Bengal PDF

Krishak Bandhu form is an application form issue by the West Bengal Govt. for providing financial benefits to the farmers and labourers who are often deprived...

English44.42 MB
West Bengal Non-Standard Fertilizers Sale Permission Grant Form PDF

The source from which the fertilizers were originally purchased and the period during which they have been held by the applicant. (iii) Brief reasons leading to...

English20.09 MB
Kisan Credit Card Application Form West Bengal in Bengali PDF

Kisan Credit Card or KCC is a scheme specifically designed by NABARD to provide farmers with financial support. The short-term loan is intended to help farmers...

Bengali20.54 MB
West Bengal Seed Dealer’s Licence Form PDF

For small businesses who plan to sell seeds of any kind–whether it’s small seed packets or wholesale grass seed–you need to have a seed license in...

English20.07 MB
West Bengal Soil Sample Collection Form PDF

Soil testing is an essential component of soil resource management. Each sample collected must be a true representative of the area being sampled. The most commonly...

English10.38 MB

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