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Tamil Nadu Arm’s (Gun) Licence Application Form PDF

In order to apply for arm gun license in Tamil Nadu, applicant has to apply with the respective Commissioner of police(COP) or the equivalent cadre authority...

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Arms License Renewal Form Madhya Pradesh in Hindi PDF

Download Arms License Renewal Form has been made essential to obtain an arms license by a person/ company/ manufacturer etc. for manufacture, acquisition, possession or carrying...

Hindi60.32 MB
Punjab New Arms License Form II, III and IV in Punjabi PDF

Punjab New Arms License in Form II, III and IV also in the English language download in PDF format online for free.

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Punjab Duplicate Arms License Form in Punjabi PDF

Punjab Duplicate Arms License Application Form also in the English language download in PDF format online for free.

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West Bengal Arms Licence Application Form PDF

The Arms Act of 1959 governs the process of obtaining a gun license in India. Only NPB firearms are authorized to be purchased by civilians or...

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Maharashtra Arms Licence Application Form PDF

Maharashtra Arms license law divided into two Types, Prohibited Bore (PB) and Non-Prohibited Bore (PB). Prohibited Bore (PB) includes fully automatic, semi-automatic firearms and some other...

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Renewal of Arms License Form Punjab in Punjabi PDF

To apply for the renewal of Arms License in Punjab you have to submit an application form to the Arms Licensing branch of the concerned District...

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Punjab Arms License Cancellation Form in Punjabi PDF

The cancellation of Arms License is also in the English language. Arms licence cannot be cancelled solely on the basis of pendency of criminal case –...

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Arms Licence Application Form PDF

Download Application Form (A) for Arms, Gun Licence in pdf format by given link below online.

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