Osama Letter to America PDF

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Osama Letter to America

In the Osama Letter to America, PDF a critique of the United States emerges, blending religious doctrines, moral judgments, and political grievances. The letter portrays the United States as a deeply hostile imperial power implementing aggressive policies against the Muslim world and justifies waging a defensive war against the US.

One criticism of the letter is the U.S.’s rejection of Islamic Sharia law in its governance. It contrasts the secular, human-designed legal system of the U.S. with the divine law of Islam, portraying the former as a product of human desires and whims.

Osama Letter to America

Bin Laden lambasts the U.S. for what he perceives as widespread moral decay, citing the social acceptance and legalization of practices like fornication, homosexuality, and gambling. These, in his view, stand in stark contrast to Islamic values.
The letter also accuses the U.S. of supporting oppressive regimes in Muslim countries, thereby preventing the establishment of Islamic Sharia law and contributing to the oppression of Muslims. The U.S. is held accountable for economic exploitation, particularly of oil resources in Muslim regions, and for its military involvement in these countries. This includes its support for Israel, notably in actions against Palestinians and plans regarding Jerusalem.

The letter makes justification for targeting American civilians, arguing that as taxpayers, they indirectly support their government’s military interventions in Muslim countries and policies towards Israel. This stance leads to his call for Jihad, resistance, and revenge.

Bin Laden urges Americans to embrace Islam, cease what he sees as oppressive and immoral acts, and reflect on their societal and political values. He demands the U.S. to withdraw its military forces from Muslim lands, end its support for corrupt leaders in these regions, and cease interfering with Islamic education.

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Osama Letter to America

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