Manorama Year Book 2022

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Manorama Year Book 2022

Manorama Year Book 2022 PDF is helpful for those students who are preparing for UPSC exams, and civil services exams in 2022. In this book, you can find out all the important Current Affairs, Encyclopedia, Reference books, Library & Information Science, etc. The famous book is published every year in many languages like English, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, etc. Manorama Year Book 2022 in PDF format is not available you can buy this book from the link given at the bottom of this page.

The contents provided by Manorama Year Book 2022 is very good and easily understandable and everything is very clearly mentioned. This book is a nice reservoir of knowledge for competitive exam aspirants in 2022. This book should be read by every student from 9th std onwards it is very important and informative. You get to know details of various things from history geography physics chemistry medicine etc and reading this every year makes a person more knowledgeable and smart.

Manorama Year Book 2022 – Contents

India and the World:

  • Letter to Young Indians
  • Gaganyaan Indian Human Space Mission
  • India Rising to 5$ Trillion GDP
  • Unsung Freedom Fighters of Indian Independence
  • Timeline: 75 years Since Indian Independence
  • Indian States and Union Territories by GDP
  • Politics of Procurement and Deployment of covid-19 Vaccines
  • The real virus came from Zhoushan
  • Making a Mark Abroads: 75 years of NRIs
  • 75 years at a glance
  • A purpose driven life
  • Beyond postmodernism
  • Your words determine your destiny

Government Initiatives:

  • Gol Schemes and Initiatives

Calendar of Events:

  • Calendar of Events India
  • Calendar of Events Worlds

Current Affairs:

  • Current Affairs India
  • Current Affairs Worlds
  • Deaths India
  • Deaths World
  • Newsmakers India
  • Newsmakers World
  • Places in the news
  • Records of the year
  • Nobel Prizes 2021

Who is Who:

  • Who is Who India
  • Who is Who World


  • Quiztival 2022

Science & Medicine:

  • Science & Medi-Scan
  • The Declassified UFO report
  • Understanding Our Lungs
  • 3D Model for Lungs Developed
  • Think Twice: Man Has a Second Brain
  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Endemic, Epidemic, Pandemic
  • Pandemic Phases & Waves
  • Coronavirus Variants
  • The Vaccines
  • Q&A
  • Potential Animal Virus for Next Pandemic
  • Covid-19 and Homoeopathy
  • Human Body Make Up: Curious Facts
  • Disabilities in Learning
  • Handling Conduct Disorders
  • Dipression
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Disorders of Sleep
  • Immunity Through Nutrients
  • The Blood
  • Covid-19 Both Respiratory and a Blood Infection

Information Technology:

  • Potentials of Blockchain Technology
  • Reliable Cyberspace
  • Data Protection
  • India and Cybersecurity
  • Data Science and Ethics
  • 5G Wireless and Wi-Fi 6
  • Internet of Things Trending in 2021
  • The Digital Divide
  • Digital Economy
  • Qauntum Communication
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Environment Scan
  • Fire in the Wild
  • Global Warming
  • SDG: India Agenda for Development
  • The World’s First ‘Infinite’ Plastic
  • Wobble in Moon’s Orbit to Cause Floods
  • The Water Cycle is Intensifyng
  • UN 2021-2030
  • Carbon Market
  • Drought
  • International Environmental Agreements
  • UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Kyoto-Paris Agreement in Review
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • 03-depleting substances
  • Ocean De-oxygenation
  • Earth is trapping twice as much heat
  • IPCC Climate Change 6th Report 2021
  • Disaster Managment

Universe, Earth & Space:

  • Space scan world’s Fifth Ocean
  • India’s Four Astronaut
  • India’s First Space Tourist
  • The Mars Story Perseverance and Ingenuity
  • Various Spacecraft Missions on the Mars Surface
  • Ingenuity: The First Helicopter on Mars
  • The Rise of Spacex
  • Virgin Galactic
  • Blue Origin
  • Stars, Galaxies, Black Holes… The Universe: How Little is Known
  • The Solar System
  • The Planets
  • Dwarf Planets
  • The Asteroids
  • The Moon
  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Cyclone, Hurricane, Typhoons, Tornado
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes
  • Landforms of the World
  • EI Nino and La Nina

Geography & People:

  • Geography of India
  • State of Indian Forest
  • Western Ghats
  • India’s International Agreements
  • Conservation Projects
  • The People of India
  • Languages in India
  • Three Large Religions
  • Official Language
  • The Minorities in India
  • Indian Demographics 16th Census of India
  • Urbanisation in India
  • Rural India
  • State Wise Number of Rural Population

History of India:

  • Indian History
  • Mauryan Empire
  • Gupta Empire
  • Foreign Rule of India
  • Colonial Rule and the Freedom

Space, Security, Energy:

  • Space Initiatives
  • Global Space Economy is $447 Billion
  • Defence
  • Special Security Forces
  • Indian Police
  • Indian Nuclear Programme
  • Wassenaar Arrangement
  • Energy Sector in India
  • ‘Artificial Sun’ Fusoin Reactor

Polity & Governance:

  • The Constitution of India
  • Citizenship
  • The Federal Structure of India
  • The Judiciary System
  • Constitutional and Non-Constitutional Agenies
  • List of Important Amendments
  • The Electoral System
  • 17th Lok Sabha Election Results
  • State Assembly Party Position
  • Center-State Relations
  • Inter-State Relations
  • The eGovernance
  • Indian Penal Code
  • The Changing Face of Federalism in Post Independent India

Education & Career:

  • Jobs of the Future
  • How to Ace the ‘Essay’ Test?
  • Online Education: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Education
  • Number of Recognised Educational Institutions in India
  • National Education Policy 2020


  • Economic Survey 2020-21
  • Steps Towards Improving Ease of Doing Business Ranking
  • The Merits and Demerits of Privatisation
  • Banking, Insurance, and Capital Market
  • Insurance Sector
  • Capital Markets
  • Unicorns in India

Transport and Communication:

  • Postal Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Transport
  • Media
  • Use and Misuse of Social Media in India

Indian States:

  • The Union of India
  • State Symbols
  • Ready Reckoner: Categorywise Rank of States
  • Ready Reckoner: States Compared to World Countries: By Population
  • Ready Reckoner: States
  • Compared to World Countries: By Area
  • Ready Reckoner: State and UT
  • Ready Reckoner: Districts and Towns
  • Ready Reckoner: Statewise Distribution of Area, Population, Literacy, Sex Ratio, Density, Decadal Growth Rate
  • Ready Reckoner
  • Life Expectancy and Poverty Rate
  • Ready Reckoner: Political and Judicial
  • Ready Reckoner: Chief Produce, and Industries
  • Statewise Capital Outlay
  • States

World Panorama:

  • List of Countries by Continent
  • Countrywise Heads of State ( As on 01.10.2020 )
  • Profile of Select Countries
  • The United Nations
  • UN Organisations
  • The European Union
  • International Organisations
  • World Rating Indexes

Equality, Ethics and Social Justice:

  • Women in Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Women: The Equal Half
  • Fallouts of Covid-19 on Children
  • The Third Gender
  • The Dalits
  • Understanding Disability

Skill Development:

  • Personality Development
  • The Trick Before a Tick
  • Aptitude On Test
  • Job Oriented Skillsets
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Skill Mapping
  • Decision Making
  • Hybrid World of Work

International Relations:

  • The Changing World Geopolitics
  • India-Israel Relations: From No-Relations to Strategic Partnership
  • Countrywise Overseas Indians
  • The population of Overseas Indians
  • The Visa
  • The Ministry of External Affairs
  • Indian Foreign Service
  • Multilateral Meetings
  • Indian Passport
  • Overseas Citizen of India (OCI)
  • Foreign Policy
  • Quadrilateral Security Dialogue -QUAD
  • Neighbourhood First
  • India-Afghan Relations
  • Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)
  • The Arctic Council
  • The SAARC
  • The ASEAN Engagement
  • The Far East Move
  • India in Central Asia

General Knowledge:

  • Major Books of 2021
  • Books, Authors and Their Nationalities
  • Words by William Shakespeare
  • Phrases Invented or popularised by William Shakespeare
  • Things That are not What They Seem
  • Sawed-Off Latin Words and Abbreviations
  • Double-Barrelled Latin Phrases
  • Words from Everywhere
  • British and American English
  • Important Days
  • Deities of Classical Mythology
  • List of Firsts in India
  • Mnemonic Devices
  • Important International Borders
  • Indian Military Exercises
  • 110 Documents That Changed the Course of History
  • Awards and Honours
  • Important Offices
  • Important Addresses
  • Council of Misisters
  • Multilingualism: Boon or Bane

Art, Culture, and Heritage:

  • Dances of India
  • Indian Music
  • Famous Indian PainterS
  • Popular Styles In Indian Architecture
  • Ancient Indian Schools of Art: Gandhara, Amaravati, and Mathura
  • Modern Indian Theatre
  • Indian Writing in English


  • First Indian to Win Olympic Gold in Athletics
  • TOKYO 2020
  • Olympics Medal Tally
  • World Athletics Records (Men)
  • World Athletics Records (Women)
  • Tennis 2021 Grand Slam Winners
  • Football FIFA World Cup
  • Cricket
  • National Athletics Records, India
  • Khelo India Youth Games Rescheduled
  • Index 2022

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