Kannada Alphabet Chart PDF

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Kannada Alphabet Chart

Kannada also known as Kanarese or Kannana is the second oldest language among the Dravidian language. It is the official language of Karnataka. We find the oldest inscription in the Kannada language from the 5thcentury CE. The archeological department discovered the first literary work, Kavirajamarga from the 9th century.

Specification of Kannada Language

  • There are three regional varies of the Kannada language.
  • The word order for the Kannada alphabet is of the subject-object-verb, like any other Dravidian language.
  • The Kannada language uses a typical Dravidian retroflex constant.
  • A series of voiced and voiceless alphabets were hired from Indo-Aryan language families.

Kannada Dravidians Alphabet

The first comprehensive grammar Shabda Mani Darpana for Kannada Alphabet Chart was thoroughly written which dates the 13th century. The alphabets are almost related to the Telugu script as both evolve from the old Kannarese script.

Follow the link to download the Kannada Alphabet Chart in PDF format and learn the basics of Kannada languages.

Kannada Alphabet Chart PDF Download Free

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